Cloud Innovation Virtual Event

How are Aussie businesses measuring cloud ROI?

In this open customer forum our exclusive panel of industry leaders from Telstra, AWS and Omdia shared insights on how Australian businesses are measuring Cloud ROI as well as answered our customer’s burning questions.

We covered:

  • How to help ensure non-technical decision makers understand the cost, complexities and pragmatic considerations of migrating to the cloud?
  • Which financial and non-financial drivers should future business cases for the cloud address?
  • How do I best determine a cloud migration ROI when evaluating what-if scenarios, over-provisioning, outdated servers, legacy applications or spreadsheets of stale data?
  • Which assets (physical machines, servers, labour costs, storage and software licences and data centres) should I be evaluating?

Duration: 54 minutes

Please watch the webinar below.

How are Aussie businesses measuring cloud ROI?

54 minutes

An open customer forum on ‘How are Aussie businesses measuring cloud ROI?’, where the experts covered a range of cloud topics and answered customer questions live on the virtual event.