Cloud Innovation Virtual Event

The anatomy of a well-designed cloud environment

As the cloud market matures, many businesses are subscribing to an increasing number of cloud platforms, providers, and partners all in parallel to help multiply the benefits of cloud – getting more choice, greater redundancy, and access to the best capabilities that the world’s leading cloud vendors have to offer.

However, coordination across public and private clouds, as well as increasing data sprawl, configuration, network integration, scalability, and security challenges, may be seen to outweigh the benefits of working with providers who do not offer an interconnected solution

In this open customer forum, our exclusive panel of industry leaders shared insights on how to successfully manage the challenges of designing a cloud environment as well as addressed questions from customers on topics such as:

  • What have similar companies done to design, implement, migrate workloads and manage their cloud environment – what went well and what didn’t.
  • What’s often overlooked when building a cloud strategy, such as culture, talent development and the agility of cloud.
  • Insight into best practices on how to build a plan to proactively identify and mitigate project risk.

Duration: 50 minutes


Please watch the webinar below.

The anatomy of a well-designed cloud environment

50 minutes

An open customer forum on well-designed cloud environments, where the experts covered a range of cloud topics and answered customer questions live on the virtual event.