Taylor: Preparing for a 5G future

Improving productivity and creating efficiencies with Cradlepoint.

January 20, 2020

Key challenges

  • Connecting people easily across multiple project sites, for better collaboration and quicker turn-around times.
  • Reducing the dependency on Taylor’s IT support team, and
  • Gaining better control over infrastructure and overhead expenses.

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Taylor, a construction and property delivery partner, design, develop and construct diverse projects across all industrial sectors. Taylor’s architects, builders and other staff depend on connectivity to perform their everyday cloud-based collaboration activities, such as file sharing and video calling, across their multiple office and project sites. Taylor was using multiple 4G and fixed line connectivity devices which required a high level of IT support and knowledge to operate. This was increasing overhead costs and with the existing equipment reaching the end of its warranty period, Taylor was keen to explore the possibilities for a simpler and better solution.


Telstra recommended the enterprise grade Cradlepoint 4G LTE wireless branch solution to improve the quality and management of connectivity at Taylor’s project sites. The solution is configured, deployed and managed in the cloud using one platform. By implementing this solution, Taylor can move a project office to a new location, without having to wait for fixed line internet to be installed before commencing operations. Deployment is simple and easy with Cradlepoint’s NetCloud service which delivers the required configuration to each new site. With a focus on 5G mobility, which is fundamental to Taylor’s digitisation strategy, Cradlepoint’s upgrade pathway to 5G has been integrated with the solution, ensuring the sites will be ready for 5G once rolled out.

As part of the process we:

  • Introduced Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for Branch wireless solution at 40 locations. Deployed the Cradlepoint solution to 25 priority project sites and then rolled out to all remaining sites.
  • Installed 40 enterprise-grade Cradlepoint AER2200 (CAT 11) routers with cloud management services. One device replaced multiple devices at each location, resulting in reduced operating expenses.
  • These solutions enabled Taylor to configure, deploy and manage distributed connectivity through Telstra’s 4GX LTE-A /5G network (once available).


A Cradlepoint pre-sales engineer worked with Taylor on a 3-week proof of concept. The field tests conducted after successful installation showed that Telstra had reliable download and upload mobile broadband speeds at Taylor sites. This solution has helped to:

  • Reduce infrastructure costs of over 60%
  • Minimise IT support required to get new locations up and running, and reduced the approximate set up time down to 1-2 minutes
  • Create a pathway to 5G. The Cradlepoint branch solution is upgradeable to 5G once the 5G frequency is available.

Lessons learnt along the way

Telstra helped Taylor with its digital transformation journey and 5G is now firmly on the company’s roadmap with Cradlepoint solutions being upgradeable to 5G in the future. This solution has helped Taylor adapt to its ever-demanding business requirements and achieve the following:

  • Increased productivity for Taylor’s IT team, by removing a large amount of IT effort to manage project site technology
  • Improved mobile network experience for better collaboration with 4GX LTE
  • Greater cost control from visible asset connectivity at project sites through Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform

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