Delivering a unified and secure user experience through a one-stop networking solution

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The challenge

The company is a multinational outdoor marketing corporation looking to digitally transform and grow opportunities and revenue in China.

To align with its digital transformation strategy, the company was looking for a vendor that could create a flexible and robust network. This would support connectivity to multiple locations in a single interface, with added service assurance and flexibility across the region.

Key issues

The company was already established in China, with business in the country representing a significant proportion of revenue in Asia. Despite that success, it still faced challenges when requiring upgrades or changes to its network.

Shadow IT had become common across the business as additional services were adopted to address previous network traffic issues. Each site had also introduced its own applications and subscription services, creating potential security and compliance concerns.

The company’s central IT team engaged Telstra to better understand how it could support their business across multiple locations in China. As part of the solution development and customer engagement process, the company’s regional teams visited Telstra’s colocation facilities in Shanghai and Tianjin. That enabled them to discuss their compliance and licencing requirements for full transparency and due diligence.


Telstra migrated the company’s network to VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud®, packaged with its software-defined networking solution, Telstra Programable Network (TPN), and Cloud Gateway. These were sold as part of a one-stop solution, as all products were directly offered by Telstra in China. This enabled the company’s employees to connect easily and securely to their corporate server, with local support available at each location. 

As part of the process, Telstra:

  • Invited the company’s regional teams to Telstra’s colocation facilities to discuss compliance and licencing requirements.
  • Developed a suite of solutions including VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, TPN and Cloud Gateway to meet the varying needs of multiple locations in China.
  • Worked individually with each location to integrate the new solution into its legacy environment. 


Telstra’s solution provided the company with a robust network supporting changing bandwidth requirements, and an optimised, unified experience. The new solution now offers faster access to the company’s sites across 12 markets with greater control over the network and applications, accelerating its digital transformation strategy in China.

  • Reduced shadow IT – with a flexible and robust network.
  • Consistent user experience – supporting connectivity across multiple locations.
  • Robust network – managed through a flexible single interface.