Helping to solve the connectivity gap

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Data consumption continues to grow exponentially, making global on-the-go connectivity all the more important.

While land-based networks offer connectivity solutions in metro and urban areas across states and countries, there are coverage limitations in remote areas where traditional network infrastructure is scarce or unavailable. In this data-driven world, coverage limitations can be a barrier for efficient operations and communications.

Rolling out additional terrestrial network infrastructure is commonly viewed as the ‘simplest’ solution to address coverage limitations in remote areas. However, such infrastructure is often hampered by steep costs and long deployment periods - making it more challenging for customers to solve the connectivity gap without compromising efficiency.

Satellite connectivity is a viable alternative, despite the misconceptions surrounding it. For years, many dismissed it to be dated, incapable of operating in the Mbps range, incompatibility with other solutions and an expensive alternative to traditional network infrastructure.

Recent movements in the satellite industry are debunking these misconceptions. A new age in satellite connectivity is being ushered in by the upcoming launch of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations and High Throughput Satellites (HTS).

These satellites will open up a new world of connectivity for customers requiring stronger coverage and larger capacities across various geographic locations. Satellite connectivity can extend traditional network infrastructure to help reach remote areas, empowering operations and communications in more places around the world. New satellite reception solutions in the market are becoming more compact, portable and efficient; minimising the space and time required for antenna and receiver set-up.

Telstra offers a range of Satellite Services, including Satellite Teleport Services and Satellite Data Services for global Enterprise and Wholesale customers. These services smoothly interconnect to Telstra’s global (IPVPN, Global Internet, IP Transit, EPL) networks, which feature end-to-end connectivity through a single point of contact.

Telstra owns and operates three teleports with multiple satellite access across different frequency ranges in Sydney, Perth and Hong Kong. We have recently received Provisional Certification from the World Teleport Association for all these three facilities, which affirms our commitment to aligning with international standards within the satellite industry.

Find out how you can empower your business with speed and extended, economic data coverage with Telstra’s Satellite Services.