Cloud innovation

The anatomy of great cloud application experiences: An open customer forum

Even before Covid-19, digital was already impacting how we all live, shop, work and play. Customers expect every touchpoint to be delightful, every app to be seamless.

But many organisations are still struggling to form a coherent cloud strategy, stay secure while doing so, and importantly, deliver superior application experiences that help differentiate the business and spearhead innovation.

In this open customer forum, we answered questions and offered some alternative views and real-life scenarios of how other organisations are delivering greater CX through brilliant cloud apps.

We covered:

  • How to supercharge cloud applications to help you deliver greater customer experiences.
  • Real-life examples of how different customers have approached application modernisation and various cloud strategies to explore.
  • How IT executives and managers are successfully making the business case for cloud migration and delivering ROI.

Duration: 42 minutes


Please watch the webinar below.

The anatomy of great cloud application experiences: An open customer forum

42 minutes

Watch on demand this highly interactive open forum which explores how organisations can approach application modernisation and cloud migration to deliver greater customer experiences.


  • Glenn Carmichael

    Telstra: Head of Design

  • Sonia Cuff

    Microsoft: Senior Cloud Advocate

  • Aaron Powell

    Microsoft: Principal Cloud Developer Advocate