• If you have an antenna wall socket which has a threaded connector then you can connect your new Telstra TV to an F-type male connector to female Belling Lee AND the Aerial cable that’s at least 1.2m long. If the 1.5m aerial cable supplied in the accessory pack isn’t long enough then you will need to buy one that is long enough.

    F-Type connector

  • Connect your new Telstra TV to the aerial outlet on the wall (Belling Lee connector).

    Belling Lee connector

  • Extend your existing aerial cable an additional 1.5m.

    1.5m aerial cable 

  • If you want to connect your antenna to both your TV and your Telstra TV then you can use the splitter so that both your TV and Telstra TV is connected to your antenna. 

   Follow these steps if you’re using an indoor aerial with an integrated cable:

  1. Disconnect the aerial connector from your TV and connect this into one of the ports of the splitter
  2. Connect the splitter directly onto the back of the TV
  3. Connect the Aerial cable from the other port on the splitter and to the back of your Telstra TV 

   Follow these steps if you’re using an external aerial or wall socket:

  1. Disconnect the aerial connector from wall socket
  2. Connect the Splitter into the wall socket and then the cable which was previously connected to the TV, to one output of the splitter
  3. Connect the supplied cable to the other socket on the splitter and connect this to your new TTV2


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