FAQs about Netflix as part of your Foxtel from Telstra subscription

Frequently asked questions about linking and managing a Netflix account with Foxtel from Telstra.

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    Set up subscription

    You can check this in the Foxtel from Telstra section of My Telstra. If Netflix is included, it’ll be listed in 'My Packages'.

    To access Netflix, you’ll need to sign up for a new Netflix account or link your existing account via your iQ3 or iQ4 box.

    Open the Netflix app on your iQ4 or iQ3 box. Your iQ box will automatically recognise if you have a package with Netflix included. Enter the email address and password for your existing Netflix subscription and it will link to your Foxtel from Telstra service.

    By linking your accounts, you won’t be billed by Netflix or another carrier for that Netflix account directly. You’ll be billed through your Foxtel from Telstra subscription.

    If your Netflix subscription is a Basic one screen subscription, it’ll be upgraded to a Standard two screen subscription when linked through the Foxtel iQ box.

    If your Netflix subscription is a Standard two screen subscription, there’ll be no change.

    If your existing Netflix subscription is a Premium four screen subscription, it’ll default to a two screen subscription. You can choose to upgrade to a four screen subscription at an extra cost.

    Note: The Extra Members feature is not available with Foxtel From Telstra. If you have extra members on your Netflix subscription, they will be removed when you link your Netflix subscription with your Foxtel bundle. Netflix will notify extra members, and they can transfer their profile to a new Netflix account, which will be billed separately.


    We recommend linking your Netflix account as soon as possible to avoid being billed for Netflix twice.

    Suspend or cancel subscription

    If you suspend your Foxtel from Telstra service, your Netflix subscription may not be automatically cancelled or suspended.

    If you had a valid previous payment method with Netflix, your subscription with Netflix may continue automatically and you will be billed directly by Netflix via that payment method.

    To cancel your Netflix service, you’ll need to do this via your Netflix account.

    To keep your Netflix service, make sure your previous payment method with Netflix is still valid and your service will continue automatically. If you did not have a previous payment method, you’ll need to update your payment details in your Netflix account to continue your subscription.

    To cancel, first contact us to remove the Netflix package from your Foxtel from Telstra subscription. You can then cancel your subscription directly in your Netflix account.

    If you had a valid previous payment method with Netflix, your subscription will continue to be charged for the same Netflix tier you were on previously until you cancel your subscription.

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