What's happening to Telstra TV?

We've partnered with Fetch TV as our new platform for Telstra TV and to create our future home and entertainment experience.

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    Will my Telstra TV continue to work?

    Absolutely. There are no changes to the Telstra TV you use today. We look forward to sharing how we’ll make your streaming experience better through our partnership with Fetch TV.

    My Telstra TV is faulty, what do I need to do?

    Check out our Telstra TV help or contact us for further assistance.

    Will this affect my monthly device repayment bill?

    All repayments will continue to be billed as normal. You don't need to change anything from your end.

    Can Telstra Plus Gold Members still get Telstra TV for free after 19 December?

    Telstra Plus members Telstra TV rewards will come to an end, but new entertainment rewards will be announced soon.

    Why is Telstra TV changing?

    Telstra's acquisition of Fetch means we'll be moving to Fetch as our primary content aggregator.

    While the current Telstra TV product remains popular for streaming and free-to-air TV, the underlying technology needs to evolve, to support new content offers, help you manage your Telstra account on the device and help you unlock rewards through Telstra Plus.

    What will happen to Telstra TV Box Office?

    Telstra TV Box Office isn't affected by this change.

    Will I need to change my Telstra TV to Fetch TV in the future?

    Over the next year we'll be in touch to help you migrate from your current Telstra TV to one powered by Fetch TV.

    Fetch TV supports many of the same streaming services as Telstra TV today including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Stan and YouTube, along with free-to-air.

    We'll have more to share about additional apps and streaming services later in the year.

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