What do I do if I can't pair my TTV mobile app with my TTV device?

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    If you’re having problems pairing your Telstra TV to your Telstra TV app, try the following:

    Check your Telstra TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device. This will ensure your Telstra TV app can find and pair with your Telstra TV device.

    If you still can’t get your device to pair with your Telstra TV app, make sure that you have the latest version of software for both your Telstra TV and Telstra TV app:

    1. To check your software is up-to-date in your Telstra TV device go to Settings in your menu and select About. This will display the latest version of your software
    2. To check your software version on your Telstra TV app, go to Settings then open Systems. You will see the software version in the about section
    3. Finally, check that your Telstra TV device is in your Telstra TV app list. To check, select My List from the menu.

    If you find you’re still having pairing issues, please contact us.

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