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    Set up

    How do I set up my Fetch box?

    Follow these steps to set up Fetch:

    1. Connect your Fetch box to your TV using the included HDMI cable
    2. Connect your free-to-air antenna to your Fetch box if you want to watch free-to-air TV channels on Fetch
    3. Plug the power cable into a wall socket
    4. Connect Fetch to the internet using Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable.

    Or watch a video on:

    For more information, refer to Fetch Quick Start Guides.

    Where do I get my Activation Code?

    If you're connected to a Telstra internet connection, your Fetch device should automatically activate and won't require an Activation Code.

    If you do need to find it, check in the My Telstra app under Notifications.

    How do I pair the Fetch mobile app to my Fetch box?

    To use your mobile or tablet like a remote control for your Fetch box, download the Fetch Mobi app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    When you open the app, you'll be prompted to sign in using your Fetch ID / Activation Code and PIN.

    You can register up to 3 mobile devices at any time and the number of devices you can watch on varies depending on what you are watching. 

    For more information, refer to Fetch Mobi App Guide.

    Can I link a Fetch device from another retailer to my Telstra account or to my Telstra Fetch device for multiroom sharing?

    No. Fetch devices from other retailers can't be linked to your Telstra account or be linked to your Telstra Fetch device for multiroom. Devices must all be under the same account and household to work together.

    Using Fetch

    What content is available on Fetch?

    Take a look at our current Fetch offers to see what channels and content are included.

    Can I change my channel packs?

    You can change channel packs at any time. The minimum subscription term for each pack is one month.

    There's no charge to change, but your subscription cost may change depending on which channel packs you subscribe to.

    To add or remove a channel pack: 

    1. Within the menu, select Add More
    2. Choose the channel pack and Subscribe or Unsubscribe
    3. Enter your Parental PIN.

    What happens if I cancel Multiroom?

    If Multiroom is cancelled:

    • Any purchased content will only be available on the device it was purchased on
    • Any recorded TV content will only be accessible on the device it was recorded on.

    How can I restart my Fetch box?

    To restart a box that is working and responsive, press the power button on your remote and then press the blue button to restart.

    If your box is non-responsive to the remote, turn the power off at the wall, then power on again to restart the box.

    Can I record movies and TV shows with Fetch Mini?

    Fetch Mini doesn't have the ability to record content. However, you can pause a TV program you're watching. If you leave the channel paused, it will automatically go back to playing live after 15 minutes.

    You can also use the reverse EPG to watch shows you’ve missed. Open the TV Guide and press the left arrow on your remote to move to the left of the channel logos. Programs available to re-watch have a play icon.

    Can I record movies and TV shows with Fetch Mighty?

    The Fetch Mighty can record up to six channels whilst you watch a seventh. Each of the three recording tuners can record two free-to-air channels from the same channel family at the same time.

    It can also pause and rewind TV. When you start watching a channel, the Fetch Mighty automatically stores the channel for up to 3 hours. You can use your Fetch remote to pause, rewind and fast-forward as much as you like within this time, as long as you stay on the same channel. You can see the Pause Live TV ‘buffer’ as a progress bar below the program information.

    Where do I find things I've bought or rented in the TV and movie stores?

    To find your bought or rented content:

    1. Within the menu select My Purchases and Rentals
    2. Select My Stuff.

    How do I manage my Parental Control PIN?

    You would have set your PIN up when you first activated your box.

    To change your PIN:

    1. Go to the settings
    2. Select User Preferences
    3. Choose PIN Change.

    If you have forgotten your PIN, sign-in to My Telstra and go to Services. Select your Fetch service and choose the option to reset your PIN

    If you encounter any further issues, please message us.

    How much data does Fetch use on average?

    Here's a rough guide on how much data is used by different quality video streams. 

    Video quality Typical data used per hour Data used per day Data used per month (30 days)
    Typical Low definition 300MB 600MB 18GB
    Typical Standard definition 700MB 1.4GB 42GB
    Typical HD 3GB 6GB 180GB
    Typical Ultra HD 7GB 14GB 420GB

    How do I activate Ultimate Pack and Movie Box channels?

    Your Fetch subscription includes three months access to Ultimate Pack and Movie Box. You don't need to do anything to activate them, they're automatically available when the Fetch device is connected.

    At the end of your first three months, you’ll need to subscribe to retain access. To subscribe: 

    1. Within the menu, select Add More
    2. Choose the channel pack and Subscribe
    3. Enter your Parental PIN.

    To access the channels, go to the Guide.

    To access Movie Box, go to Movies and then Movie Box in the menu, or to CH100 in the Guide.


    What if my Fetch box won’t start up/is frozen?

    Make sure your cables are all plugged in correctly and the Fetch box has power and internet. Refer to the Fetch Quick Start Guide if you need help checking your setup. 

    Check that the power supply unit is correctly connected, and there is power available at the wall power point.

    Check that the AV/HDMI connection is secure and the TV is set to the right AV input source (such as HDMI1 or HDMI2). After re-checking the cabling, turn your Fetch box off and then on again.

    Why are my channels not scanning even though my Fetch box is plugged in?

    Firstly, check the antenna is connected firmly to the back of the Fetch box and to the socket in the wall.

    Then restart the Fetch box by pressing the power off button on your Fetch remote, followed by the Blue button.  

    If you are still experiencing issues, start a channel scan by: 

    1. Going to the settings area of the menu
    2. Select Channels
    3. Choose Channel Scan and select Start Channel Scan.

    Why can’t I see any programme information when I bring up the TV Guide?

    Firstly, restart your Fetch box to confirm that there are no contributing hardware faults. Ensure the antenna cable is correctly connected and the network connection is working.

    What if the programme information or time on my Fetch box is incorrect?

    Check if EPG times/programming are incorrect across multiple channels or just one channel. Restart the Fetch box by pressing the power off button on your Fetch remote, followed by the blue button. 

    If across multiple channels, or restarting has not resolved the issue, it’s possible that the location you have registered for your Fetch service is not correct.

    To check or update the location of your Fetch service, sign-in to My Telstra and go to Services. Select your Fetch service and then follow the prompts to update your location.

    If you still having issues, please message us.

    What if my remote is not working?

    Check your remote is paired by pressing any button on the remote. The light at the top of the remote should flash green on each button press. In Infrared mode, the light will flash red on each button press. If it doesn't, check the batteries.

    When you press any remote button, the left-hand light on your Fetch box should flash blue. If it doesn't, your remote isn’t communicating with the box. 

    To reset and re-pair the remote:

    1. Point your remote at your Fetch box. Press and hold the 'Red' and 'Left Arrow' buttons on the remote until the light on the remote flashes red and green
    2. You'll see a pairing prompt on screen and a confirmation once the remote is paired. 

    For more information, refer to the Fetch User Guide for you remote.

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