Why do I have unexpected Telstra TV and subscription charges?

If you have received an unexpected charge for Telstra TV it could be for one of the following reasons:

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    Have you sold or gifted your old Telstra TV?

    Before you gift or sell your old Telstra TV to a friend you must perform a factory reset – this will help to ensure that your log-ins to your existing subscriptions are wiped from the device. If you don’t do this, it means that the person receiving your Telstra TV won’t need to enter new log in-details, so they will be able to access the existing subscriptions you are paying for. Without a factory reset, they may also be able to make additional purchases – but you’ll continue to be charged for them. 

    To perform a factory reset of your Telstra TV device:

    1. Navigate to the Home screen of your Telstra TV
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select System
    4. Select Advanced System Settings
    5. Select Factory Reset
    6. Enter the 4-digit code shown on your TV screen
    7. Press OK.

    If you have sold or gifted your Telstra TV device but forgot to factory reset the device, you should change the passwords of the subscriptions you accessed on your Telstra TV immediately. You can find instructions on how to reset your passwords for your streaming apps on Entertainment support. If you have lost or had your Telstra TV stolen, please contact us. We can remotely disable lost or stolen devices.

    Do you have early termination charges?

    If you purchased your TTV on a device repayment plan and cancel early, you will be charged an early termination fee.

    This process is standard across Telstra and applies to most consumer devices and hardware products.

    Do you have Telstra TV Box Office charges?

    Telstra TV Box Office allows you to rent or purchase movies and tv shows via your Telstra TV and other compatible devices. If you don’t remember purchasing or renting content via Telstra TV Box Office, check with anyone who has direct access to your Telstra TV if they made the rental or purchase.

    If you use pre-paid or post-paid billing the charges for individual transactions will be on your Telstra bill but your bank, credit card or other payment provider may not show the charges as individually itemised transactions.

    If you use post-paid billing your Telstra bill is generally generated monthly and shows all the charges accrued in the month. In these cases, the Box Office transactions will be added to the bill and then the total is charged.

    If you use pre-paid billing, you may have purchased credits which are being used for transactions. In these cases, your payment method will show the credits purchased, not the itemised charge per box office transaction.

    You can see your full transaction history in the Telstra TV App’s and on our website. It is in Settings and under the Payments section. When we process a Telstra TV Box Office transaction, we also email a tax invoice for each one to your email address and this shows the title, date and the payment method used.

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