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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games for compatible consoles, PCs, phones and tablets, all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, and an EA Play membership, all for one low monthly price.

    Most titles in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library are available to play from the cloud, including the latest and most popular console games. 

    See our full list of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games on the cloud

    You can play Xbox Game Pass Ultimate games on any compatible phone, tablet or PC. To find out the minimum system requirements you need, visit the Xbox Support page How to use Cloud Gaming (Beta).

    Any unused credit that you have prior to signing up with Telstra Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be carried forward and added to your monthly subscription, up to a maximum of 36 months.

    Cloud Gaming (Beta) and remote play both let you play Xbox games on your phone or other mobile device. 

    The difference is remote play lets you play games currently installed on your broadband-connected Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles - while Cloud gaming lets you play any game currently available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: no console required, but you will need a compatible device and a controller for most games (sold separately).

    Cloud Gaming

    Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) is technology that lets you play games directly from the cloud on compatible devices, like a phone or PC. This means you don't need a traditional gaming console to play your favourite console games. 

    As part of your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you can enjoy the console games you love and play them with the people you want on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate app or

    All you need to play is a compatible device and compatible controller (recommended). Device and controller sold separately.

    You can log into multiple devices with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but only one game on one device can be played at any one time. If your family often game at the same time, we recommend separate subscriptions. You may receive a signed out elsewhere notification when you sign in.

    You have ongoing access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Library until your subscription is cancelled or expires. If you cancel your subscription, you’ll continue to have access up to the renewal date.

    It depends, at HD streaming of a game, you can expect to use up to 3GB per hour.

    You’ll get a better gaming experience with a compatible controller but if that’s not an option, touch controls are available on selected games.

    Some games have customised touch controls built into them. When browsing cloud games, look for ‘Play with touch’ games which have customised touch controls. To find out more, visit use touch controls for cloud gaming.

    When you play through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate app or a web browser, we recommend an Xbox Wireless Controller connected via Bluetooth or USB cable. Controller sold separately. Many other types of wired and Bluetooth controllers can also work for cloud gaming.

    To find out more, visit the Xbox Support page What controllers can I use for Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta)?

    To play cloud games on, your device must be running a supported web browser for your operating system. To find out more, visit the Xbox Support page Supported browsers for cloud gaming on the web.

    To find out how to play from the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate app for mobile or web browser and the minimum system requirements you need, visit the Xbox Support page How to use cloud gaming.

    Playing on Wi-Fi

    If you’re playing in a fixed location inside a building where Wi-Fi is available, the signal will be more stable and reliable optimising your gaming experience.

    Cloud Gaming (Beta) is optimised for 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Some dual band routers automatically switch the connection between 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks.

    To enable Wi-Fi only gameplay, visit How to use cloud gaming.

    Playing on the mobile network

    If you’re gaming on the go on the mobile network, the signal may become less stable or intermittent, resulting in signal drops when changing towers.

    Telstra 5G provides faster speeds and more capacity than our 3G and 4G networks, so you are less likely to have bandwidth issues impact your gameplay while on 5G.

    Data usage can be high while gaming and may have an impact on your mobile data plan.

    To enable gameplay via the mobile network, visit How to use cloud gaming.

    Manage my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

    To avoid paying for two subscriptions, you’ll need to cancel Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with Microsoft to sign up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with Telstra. 

    You can manage or cancel your subscription in My Telstra.

    1. Sign in to My Telstra with your Telstra ID
    2. Select Your subscriptions and follow the prompts.

    Your one Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription attached to your Telstra post-paid service is tied to one Microsoft Service Account (Login/Email Address). 

    Managing my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with an Xbox All Access service

    If you purchased Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription with an Xbox Series S or X console, you can manage it in My Telstra.

    Sign in to My Telstra and go to Services. If you're using the My Telstra app, select the service you'd like to view. If you're using My Telstra in a browser, choose Manage next to Internet of Things.

    You'll be able to see your plan details and buy additional accessories and extras. 

    Xbox All Access includes the console and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

    If you cancel Xbox All Access, you'll need to pay out the balance remaining on your console, which will be charged as a once-off payment in your next Telstra bill. Your membership will end at the end of that billing month.

    If you've already paid for the console, you can cancel your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription at any time.

    To cancel Xbox All Access, contact us.


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