How do I use my Google Home or Google Home Mini with my Telstra TV?

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    Telstra TV works with Google Assistant, creating a whole new way to experience Telstra TV by just using your voice.

    To get started, you’ll need to pair your Telstra TV (1 or 2) to your Google Home application using your Google Assistant supported device.

    To pair your Telstra TV with Google Home or Google Home Mini

    Ensure you've set up your Google Home device and installed the Google Home app prior to use.

    1. Select Add in the Google Home app to add a new device
    2. Select Set up device and choose Have something already set up?
    3. Add Telstra TV
    4. Turn on the Telstra TV and select Voice Linking at the bottom of the screen
    5. Enter the linking code shown on your TV into the app
    6. Select the Telstra TV device in the app and optionally assign it to a room in your house.

    Can I pair multiple Telstra TVs to my Google Home setup?

    No, only one device is currently supported.

    How to control your Telstra TV with Google Assistant?

    When controlling the Telstra TV with Google Assistant, you need to include a few key elements so it understands what you're asking for: 

    1. Wake: "Hey Google" or "Okay Google"
    2. A command like "turn on"
    3. The device name: "the Telstra TV".

    A few handy commands:

    • Turn on the Telstra TV. For example: "Hey Google, turn on the Telstra TV"
    • Launch apps. For example: "Hey Google, launch 7plus on the Telstra TV"
    • Control playback like pause, stop and resume play. For example: "Hey Google, pause the Telstra TV"
    • Tune to a live TV channel. You could say play, watch, put on, turn on, switch channel to, change to, tune to, or go to. For example: "Hey Google, play Channel 7 on the Telstra TV".

    Find more information on Google Assistant or Google Nest.

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