What is Multiscreen?

A Multiscreen subscription allows you to stream your Foxtel GO app on select smart TV’s and other connected devices. It also includes the ability to mirror content from your Foxtel GO app onto the big screen via a casting device (e.g. Chromecast or Apple TV Airplay), a TV which supports Chromecast or Apple TV or a Smart TV. These Multiscreen features come included when you take up a Multiroom set top unit, or upgrade to the Platinum Plus package..


How many concurrent Foxtel GO app sessions can I have?

You can watch your Foxtel GO app on 2 two separate devices at the same time and watch different content.

For example, if you have one primary Foxtel set top unit (iQ box) and a Multiscreen subscription, you can watch:

  • Your primary set top unit in one room and;
  • A stream or casting of your Foxtel GO app on a TV in one room and;
  • A stream or casting of your Foxtel GO app on a TV in another room


Can I cast my Foxtel GO app before my Set set Top top Unit unit is activated?

Yes, you can watch content from your subscription on the Foxtel GO app before your Set set Top top Unit unit is activated, and also stream or cast this on a TV via Multiscreen.


Can I cast if I don’t have Multiroom(s) or Multiscreen subscriptions?

No, you cannot cast if you do not have either of these subscriptions. If you attempt to cast without these subscriptions, the casting symbol will not display, and you will not be able to proceed.


What do I need to stream or cast my Foxtel GO app on my TV?

You must either:

  • Own Multiroom(s) already, i.e. have more than one set top unit. In this case, you get automatic access to Multiscreen at no extra cost or,
  • Be subscribed to a Multiscreen subscription
  • Be subscribed to Platinum Plus. In this case you get automatic access to Multiscreen as part of your package.


If you want to stream the Foxtel GO app on your TV, you will need a TV that supports the app. If you want to cast it to your TV, you will need a Chromecast or Apple Airplay via Apple TV and a TV that supports these functions.  


How is this different to Foxtel’s existing Multiroom service?

Multiscreen is different to the existing Multiroom service from Foxtel, which requires you to purchase additional set top units to watch Foxtel in additional rooms.

Are all the channels from my package available when watching via a Foxtel connected TV app?

Not every Foxtel from Telstra channel is available via the Foxtel app with a Multiscreen subscription, and you can only access content that is included in the package you’re subscribed to as part of your subscription. For a full list of supported channels visit: https://www.foxtel.com.au/support/tv/apps-extras/foxtel-go.html


Is HD supported on the Foxtel app for Smart TVs and streaming media devices?

The quality of your picture is dependent on your device and your internet connection. HD is only available on devices when connected to Wi-Fi. Not all shows/channels are available in HD.


Can I watch Foxtel overseas with my Multiscreen subscription?

No, due to licensing restrictions you can’t access your Foxtel from Telstra service overseas via the Foxtel app on Smart TV or streaming media device.


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