This article explains how to suspend your Foxtel from Telstra service and the charges and conditions involved.

How do I suspend my Foxtel from Telstra service?

You can suspend your Foxtel from Telstra service online.

Can I suspend my Foxtel from Telstra service if it’s part of a bundle?

No. You can only suspend a Foxtel from Telstra service if it’s not included in a Telstra Bundle.

How often can I suspend my Foxtel from Telstra service?

You can suspend your Foxtel from Telstra service as many times as you like.   

How long can I suspend my Foxtel from Telstra service for?

  • The minimum suspension period is one week

  • The maximum suspension period is 12 months.

What happens when I suspend my Foxtel from Telstra service?

  • Your contract gets extended by the suspension period (unless you are no longer in contract)

  • You can’t watch any Foxtel from Telstra content while it is suspended

  • You can’t use any other Foxtel services like recorded programs or Foxtel GO

Is there a fee to suspend a Foxtel from Telstra service?

Due to COVID-19 impacts, you can suspend your Foxtel from Telstra service at no additional cost.

What happens when I resume my service?

When you resume your service, you'll have access to the same channel packages as before your suspension and return to paying the same monthly charges as well.






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