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The nbn™ network.
With a side order
of magic.

When you sign up to get a service on the nbn™
network with us, you get a whole lot of extras,
including access to the best entertainment and
Telstra Air®.


Three-for-free data top-ups

We all need a little extra data sometimes, especially during school holidays or when guests come to stay. Each Telstra Bundle includes three-for-free broadband data top-ups every year, in case you exceed your monthly data allowance.

World-class modems

Our Telstra Air® compatible gateway is included at no extra cost for new home broadband customers, or those moving to the nbn network. Customers can also upgrade to a Telstra Gateway Frontier™ all-in-one gateway, which combines the power of fixed networks and the Telstra mobile network in one device – for a more reliable connection.

Enjoy Telstra Air®

Telstra Air is Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network. Sign up to one of our home internet bundles and use your broadband allowance at over 300,000 Telstra Air hotspots across Australia and millions of Fon hotspots overseas.


Great entertainment

Telstra home broadband offers you access to the very best in entertainment including all the TV, sports and movies you love. From premium content to the best subscription streaming services – you can watch what you want, when you want. Our bundles also come with flexible entertainment options, allowing you to add stuff when you feel like it.