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Is Telstra nbn available in your area?

The rollout of the national broadband network is almost complete, with more suburbs and towns across Australia being added all the time. Not sure if you can get nbn at your place? Enter your address in the nbn rollout map below to find out.

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Connecting to the nbn network: what's next?

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Choosing the right speed

Not sure which nbn speed tier is best for you?  The number of internet users at home is a good place to start.

How to get connected

Find out how easy it is to connect your home to the nbn network with Telstra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your address. nbn co decides on the best possible connection type - whether that's nbn FTTP, HFC or one of the other types - based on your street address.

If the nbn is available in your area, you can find out which technology type you will be connected to by using our nbn address checker.

Once you know your connection type, you can choose your nbn plan.

In most cases, nbn co installs the nbn network at your home at no cost. For new homes that have never had internet before, there is a $300 nbn New Development Charge which you’ll need to pay.

If you take up a Telstra nbn plan online, we waive the $99 connection fee.

You can install your Telstra Smart Modem yourself for $0. Or you can get a Telstra technician to connect your modem and devices for a one-off fee of $240. 

Your devices won't be able to access your nbn connection, and any home phone lines you have will not work. Devices with mobile network access should still be able to connect to the internet over 4G where it's available.

Depending on the nbn technology you have available, Telstra offers solutions which can allow you to keep using your home phone for a limited time in the event of a power outage.
Learn more about phones lines on the nbn network.

Yes. Services provided over the nbn network will be replacing both phone as well as internet services. There are exceptions if you are located within a nbn Fixed wireless or nbn Satellite area.

Not every property can be connected at the same time. There can be factors that delay the roll out for certain premises such as cabling access and external infrastructure work required.

The existing copper network that your internet plan exists on is being retired, which means you’ll need to switch over to an nbn plan. If you choose not to move over to nbn, your phone and internet services will be disconnected as mandated by the Australian Government and nbn.

The good news is, Telstra aims to move our customers across to similar bundles and phone plans on the nbn that are of comparable price.

Have more nbn questions? Visit our nbn FAQs page