Moving to the nbn | What you need to know from Telstra

Got an email or letter telling you it’s time to upgrade to the nbn? Best not to ignore it, otherwise you might find yourself with a disconnected phone service and no access to the internet. The good news is that you can stay connected by switching to the nbn in a few simple steps.
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Telstra nbn

Telstra has connected more homes to the nbn network than any other provider

Moving to the nbn - a quick summary

Here are the key things you need to know about switching to the nbn:

  • Deadline. Once the nbn is available at your address, you'll generally have 18 months to make the switch.
  • Cut Off. The old copper network is being disconnected - if you don't switch in time, you could be left without access to the internet or your landline.
  • Switching. Already a Telstra customer? You can upgrade to the nbn in a few easy steps. Check your address, choose a plan and we'll do the rest. 
  • Changing nbn providers .Not a Telstra internet customer? Change nbn providers by exploring our plans or check this step-by-step guide to changing internet providers.
  • Technology. While you can choose your provider and plan, you can't choose how you'll be connected - nbn co decides on the technology for your address.
  • Benefits. With a Telstra Smart Modem, you get advanced speed, range and reliability backed by Australia's best mobile network.

Do I have to move to the nbn?

For most people, the answer is yes.

When we first heard about the nbn a few years back – it seemed like a pipe dream, something way off in the distant future. Now, the future is here and so is the nbn.

The nbn (National Broadband Network) is an overhaul of the infrastructure that delivers internet and landline phone services to our homes and its rollout affects the vast majority of Australians.

Unless you want to go completely mobile, you'll most likely need to upgrade to the nbn to stay connected at home.

Moving to the nbn can be confusing – especially if you’re happy with your existing service and have been reliably paying your bill over the years – but Australia’s internet is getting a makeover and you don’t want to miss out or be cut off.

Not sure what steps to take?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we’re here to help. Now is the time to decide what you want to do.

The recent pandemic has taught us that being connected to friends, family, work, and services is super important and that reliable internet is a necessity, not a luxury.

Older services are being switched off

The Australian Government expects everyone to move to the nbn and it plans to turn off the old network as people transition – this process is gathering momentum across the country and you’ll need to take action soon.

You've probably heard of nbn co - it's the government body responsible for rolling out and maintaining the nbn.  Under the instructions of nbn co, services that use the old infrastructure will be disconnected for most people - these services include:

  • Telstra Home/landline phone services (except some Telstra Velocity lines).
  • Home and landline phone services from all other phone companies, where the service is provided over Telstra's copper phone lines.
  • All ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ internet services from all providers.
  • Telstra BigPond cable internet services.
  • Optus cable internet and cable phone services.

Telstra doesn't own the nbn but, as a provider of internet services, we can get you connected.

Fibre optic cables being installed as part of the nbn rollout

How long before I have to move to the nbn?

You have about 18 months from the time the nbn comes to your area. Lots of people have already made the transition and time is ticking for those who haven’t.

Not sure if the nbn is available at your place? Head to the nbn co website and enter your address to find out. While you're there, you can check the Disconnection information to see how long you have before the old phone and internet network is switched off.

If you're a Telstra customer, you can check your address and switch to an nbn plan in a few simple steps.

If nbn isn't available in your area yet, you can take up a Starlink or 5G plan from Telstra. Our plans are nbn-ready - so it's easy to make the switch when the time comes. 


Who installs the nbn at my place?

If your property hasn't been connected to the nbn before, an nbn co technician may need to come and set it up.

You may also need a Telstra technician to help set up the connection inside your home. We'll work this out once you place your order, and help to set up any appointments you need.

Find out what happens when the nbn co technician comes to set up my connection.

In most cases, nbn co installs the nbn network at your home at no cost. For new homes that have never had internet before, there is a $300 nbn New Development Charge which you’ll need to pay.

If you take up a Telstra nbn plan online, we waive the $99 connection fee.

You can install your Telstra Smart Modem yourself for $0. Or you can get a Telstra technician to connect your modem and devices for a one-off fee of $240.  

Different technologies for connecting to the nbn

It's easy to be confused by the jargon people use when talking about the nbn.

FTTP, FTTC, FTTN, HFC – what does it all mean? These acronyms refer to the different ways the nbn gets into your home.

Some connections use optical fibre all the way to your house, others use a combination of optical fibre and copper cable and some use a combination of optical fibre and coaxial cable. If you live outside of metropolitan and suburban areas, you might have a fixed antenna on your roof that sends and receives signals from a wireless tower.

The important thing to remember is that you don't get to choose. The type of connection you have is decided by nbn co, based on the technology available in your area:

It's handy to know your connection type because it can impact internet speed. For example, if you're a Telstra customer with an FTTP or HFC connection, you can choose a Premium plan to take advantage of super-fast internet.

If you’re already connected to the nbn using a technology other than FTTP, you may be eligible to request a change of technology type, through the nbn Technology Choice Program but you'll need to apply and fees can vary. Before going down this path, it's worth seeing what you can do to improve your existing nbn broadband speed.

What speed do I need?

When it comes to the nbn, there's a lot of talk about speed.

It's true that fast internet - with lots of bandwidth - can lead to smoother streaming and lag-free browsing but it also costs more money. So you need to think about how much speed you really need.

Got a house full of people who love gaming and streaming in HD? It might be worth investing in a plan that offers ultimate speed and unlimited data. On the other hand, maybe you're a couple or you live alone - 500GB of data and a standard speed might be all you need.

Telstra provides speed tier to suit most kinds of internet use:


Telstra speed tiers Suitable for
nbn Standard Everyday use in a small household
nbn Standard Plus Multiple people sharing the internet 
nbn Premium A house full of HD streamers - only available if you have an FTTP or HFC connection.


Don't panic about your choice - there are no lock-in contracts and you can easily change plans up to once a month.

Ok, so how do I make the move to nbn?

Do your research and choose an nbn provider – a Google search of ‘nbn plans’ is a good place to start.

If you choose Telstra, you can follow the simple steps to get connected. 

Not a Telstra internet customer? Switch your nbn to Telstra. You can also understand a bit more about the process with a simple step-by-step guide to changing internet providers.


  1. Check your address

  2. Choose a plan

  3. We'll be in touch

Different scenarios for switching to nbn

People are unique and we're always happy to help with your specific questions. Here are a few scenarios that might resonate with you.

What if I run a business?

Just like households, businesses will also need to switch to the nbn. Find out how Telstra can help connect you to this world-class communications network, and help set your small business up for a big future.

What if I'm renting?

If the nbn is available at your address, you'll need consent from your landlord to get connected. It's your responsibility to choose a provider and plan that suits your needs and budget.

What if I'm moving house?

If the nbn is available at your new place, we can help you move your existing service or set up a new one. It's best to give us plenty of notice when you're about to move - that way we can get everything organised in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re moving from another provider to a Telstra plan, simply take up the new plan and we’ll transfer your service.

You won't need to cancel with your old provider, but you should check in case there are any termination fees that will apply.

Explore our step-by-step guide for changing providers.

In most cases, if you switch over to the nbn from an existing connection, it won’t cost you anything to connect to the nbn network.

If you're connecting a new service, need a technician or additional equipment, charges may apply.

Check your address to see if the nbn is available in your area.  In the results, you'll be able to see how long you have before your existing services are disconnected. Give yourself plenty of time to switch before this takes place.

The nbn is on track to be completed by the end of 2020. In general, you have 18 months to switch once the nbn is available at your address.

To switch your home phone to the nbn network, call us on 1800 834 273 and choose Option 1. Our consultants will arrange an appointment.