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The future of broadband is already available for many Australians. Check out whether you can enjoy the benefits of the NBN now.

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Telstra Bundles

Everything from a full entertainment package to a basic home phone and broadband bundle can be found here.

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Home broadband

Get fast, reliable and affordable internet throughout the home. We also provide 24x7 support to keep you connected.

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Mobile broadband

Take the internet with you. With Telstra mobile broadband, you’ll experience 4G speeds in more places.

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Telstra Platinum

Need tech help? Get 24x7 support for your gadgets, computers and the internet over the phone, online or instore.

Maximise your Wi-Fi

Optimise your Wi-Fi access at home with superior modems and home networking devices.

Telstra Broadband Protect

Help protect every device connected to your Telstra home broadband service.

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