What should I do if I forget my Foxtel username or password?

To retrieve them you’ll need two of the following:

  • your date of birth  

Retrieve Username

Retrieve Password

Does Foxtel GO work on dual screen?

Foxtel GO isn't configured for a dual screen set-up. It won’t stay on full screen on your second screen.

Why won’t Foxtel GO download properly?

Your download may be affected by internet use in your home.

Check whether someone else is:

  • downloading large files 

  • streaming videos  

You should also check your Wi-Fi signal strength and your distance from the modem.

Can I use Foxtel GO on a jailbroken device?

You can’t watch Live TV or Catch Up on a jailbroken or rooted device. These devices don’t have the security measures to protect our channel partners’ content.  

Does Foxtel GO work with Airplay?

Foxtel GO does not support Airplay.

Which internet browser do I need to install Foxtel GO on my PC?

Internet Explorer 8 or above.

Why does it say ‘Your Account is Temporarily Locked’?  

You’ll see this message if you’ve tried to login with incorrect details more than 19 times.  

You can try and log in again after 20 minutes.  

What should I do if I receive a ‘Technical Error’ message?

Shut down and re-open the app, then log back in.  

If you still have a problem contact:

  • Telstra Technical Support on 13 22 00

  • Contact Telstra 24x7 Chat online

What should I do if I forget my parental control PIN?

  1. Open Foxtel GO
  2. Select the Settings icon  at the top right  
  3. Select Parental controls
  4. Select Forgot your PIN?
  5. Select Send Email button to send your PIN to your registered email address.





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