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nbn™ network
Connect to Australia’s favourite nbn provider.

Enjoy a fast and reliable connection to the nbn network with Australia’s most popular nbn provider.

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Maximum nbn speeds. Refund offer for Telstra customers.

Did you purchase a Telstra nbn plan before 08/11/2017? You may be entitled to a partial refund or be able exit your contract without cost. Telstra is providing remedies to consumers who purchased nbn internet plans where their fibre to the node (FTTN) or fibre to the building (FTTB) connection was not capable of delivering the speeds promised. We acknowledge that by doing so, we likely breached the Australian Consumer Law. We will be contacting affected customers between 8 November and 5 December to offer options including a refund, moving to a lower speed plan or exiting their contract.

Find out more by clicking here for more information or contact us on 1800 236 459 for Consumer or 1800 639 070 for Business.

What's Telstra's role when it comes to the nbn network

What is the nbn network?

The new government-owned nbn network will be rolled out to give Australians a reliable broadband connection. Let us help you get ready.

How to connect to the nbn network with Telstra

This is a two-step process. nbn co delivers the network and a retail service provider, such as us, to complete your service connection.

Rollout map

Want to see where the nbn network is coming next?  Check out our map.

Network speeds

We offer 3-speed tiers with most of our plans starting at Standard Evening Speed. This is the standard speed offered on the nbn network.

Moving to the nbn is easier than ever before

frontier gateway modem

Introducing the Telstra Gateway Frontier® with hybrid technology

Telstra Gateway Frontier® unlocks the power of Telstra’s home and mobile networks with Australia’s first all-in-one hybrid modem from a broadband provider. Enjoy a seamless transition to the nbn with the peace of mind that your modem will switch to the Telstra Mobile network whilst your nbn service is being connected.

Is available to premises in 4G coverage areas. Check coverage at telstra.com/coverage. Eligible broadband service required. Your mobile backup connection is limited to speeds of up to 6Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds will vary due to local conditions and content accessed. 

Why choose Telstra for your home

Smart and more reliable connection

The Telstra Gateway Frontier® lets you have peace of mind that your modem will switch to the Telstra Mobile Network if required, giving you a connection you can count on.

The very best in entertainment

Enjoy the world’s best entertainment at home and on the go with Telstra TV® and Foxtel from Telstra.

Safe and secure for the whole family

Help keep your family members safe when they’re online with Telstra Broadband Protect.

Service and advice from the friendliest experts

With 24x7 support options and more than 350 stores nationwide, we offer a personalised service.

Already have services on the nbn network with Telstra but need help?

Help & Support

More information about the nbn network can be found in our support articles.

Find out more

Got a question about the nbn network? Our customers have firsthand knowledge.

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