This article explains how to add new contacts to your Telstra address book, how to recover a deleted contact and how to add a contact’s phone number.

To add a new contact:

  1. Select Contacts
  2. Select Add Contact
  3. Enter the contact’s details
  4. Select Save

Good to know

  • If you delete a contact you can’t restore it, however, if you have a copy of your contacts elsewhere, you can import it again

To import contacts:

  1. Go to Telstra Mail®
  2. Select Contacts
  3. Select More
  4. Select Import contacts
  5. Select File
  6. Select Import


To add a phone number to a contact:

  1. Go to Telstra Mail
  2. Select Contacts
  3. In ‘Search Contacts’ enter the contact’s name
  4. Select the contact’s name then select Edit
  5. In the Phone field type their phone number
  6. Select Home, Work or Other from the drop-down box
  7. Select Save


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