How do I monitor my Telstra Mail storage?

This article explains how to manage your emails so you don’t go over your storage limit.

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    Storage space

    Telstra gives you 10GB of storage per email address for your emails, contacts and attachments.

    What happens if I reach my 10GB storage limit?

    We will email you when your storage is full. You can still access your Telstra email, however:

    • You won’t be able to receive new emails
    • You won’t be able to send emails.

    To send and receive emails you need to reduce your storage to less than 10GB.

    How can I see how much storage I’ve used?

    1. Sign in to webmail
    2. Select Settings at the top right
    3. Select Mail from the left-hand menu
    4. You’ll see your usage at the bottom of the page

    Free up storage

    Move unwanted emails to the ‘Trash’ folder. Emails in the Trash folder will be permanently deleted after 7 days.

    Good to know: Emails in your ‘Trash’ and all other folders (eg the ‘Sent’ folder) count towards your storage total until they are permanently deleted.

    To empty the ‘Trash’ folder immediately:

    • Hover the cursor over the ‘Trash’ folder
    • Select the trashcan symbol. 

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