How do I sign in to webmail?

Did you know you can read and send email from your Telstra Mail account in a web browser? 

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    Before you start

    To get started, you'll need your Telstra email address (this may be a Telstra managed domain or end in or and password. If you're not sure what your email address is, sign in to My Telstra to find a list of your active mailboxes.

    To sign in to My Telstra you'll need your Telstra ID and password. Retrieve your Telstra ID or reset your password.

    Once you've signed in to My Telstra:

    1. Go to Profile, located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
    2. Under Manage your profile, go to Account Settings, and select Manage mailboxes. This will list all the active mailboxes you currently have. 
    3. Use the email username to sign in to the mailbox you'd like to access.

    Can't see any active mailboxes?

    If you had an existing mailbox and can no longer see it, your Telstra Mail may have been suspended. Find out why your Telstra Mail is suspended and how to reactivate it.

    Sign in to Telstra webmail

    There are two ways to access your webmail:

    • Go to Sign in to webmail in your browser, or 
    • On any page, go to Sign in, located at the top right-hand corner and select Telstra Mail from the drop down menu.


    Only your Telstra email address or associated alias will work when signing in to the webmail portal. Your email address or alias usually looks something like, or johnsmith. Other types of email addresses you may have used when creating your Telstra ID such as will not work when accessing your Telstra email account.

    Want to change your password?

    1. Go to Webmail main menu next to your email address, select Settings, then Accounts
    2. Go to Change Password
    3. Follow the prompts to Reset your password.

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