Why can’t I see my emails in webmail?

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    If you’re signed into webmail and your latest emails aren’t showing, try the following steps.

    1. Clear your internet browser’s cache and cookies – see your web browser’s support for instructions on that.
    2. Check your emails aren’t auto forwarded
      • Select Setting
      • Select Mail
      • Select Auto-forward
      • Make sure Auto-forward is not ticked*
        *If you need auto-forwarding but still want to see those emails in webmail:
        • Tick Auto-forwarding
        • Tick Keep a copy in your inbox
    3. Check your anti-virus and firewall settings, to see if your anti-virus or firewall is the cause:
      • Disable it then log in to webmail
      • If your inbox loads you may need to add telstra.com to your anti-virus’ whitelist. Contact your security software’s customer support for help.
    4. Check your devices are set to IMAP. If you check your emails on multiple devices and one is set to POP instead of IMAP, it may prevent other devices from downloading the mail.

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