Reduce spam email

Spam is the unwanted email used for advertising, phishing or spreading harmful computer viruses. While there is no way to permanently stop spam, here are a few simple ways to greatly reduce the amount of spam you receive.

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    Keep your email address private

    Spammers can get your email address from websites, social media and internet forums. Think twice before making your email address public.

    Opt out of marketing updates

    When you complete a form or buy something online, untick the box that asks if you want to receive messages from the company.

    Block the senders

    To block a single sender:

    1. Go to Sign in to webmail
    2. Log in using your Telstra email address and password  
    3. Select Settings on the top right of the screen 
    4. Select Mail on the left-hand menu 
    5. Select Blocked Senders on the sub menu
    6. In the pop-up screen enter the email address you want to block
    7.  Select Add.

    Good to know: You can block every sender from a particular company by blocking its domain.

    Use a spam filter

    Telstra Mail has its own spam filter.

    To set it up:

    1. Go to Sign in to webmail
    2. Log in using your Telstra email address and password  
    3. Go to your Inbox and tick any spam emails
    4. Select More in the top right corner 
    5. From the dropdown menu select More 
    6. Select Mark as Spam.

    Good to know: The more you use the spam filter, the more accurate it becomes. Using the 'Mark as Spam' button doesn’t immediately block the sender. You may still get some emails from the sender as the filter refines its data.

    Set up a rule to filter spam

    You can send mail directly to the ‘Trash’ folder based on its subject or keywords.

     To set up a rule:

    1. Go to Sign in to webmail using your Telstra email address and password
    2. Click Settings
    3. Select the Mail menu, then select Organise Inbox
    4. Select Add and enter a Rule Name
    5. Active will be ticked by default
    6. Select the action you want (eg: Move to Trash, or Delete permanently) from the drop-down menu
    7. Enter the criteria for your rule (eg: what’s in the subject, who’s Sender, what keywords it contains)
    8. Select Save.

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