Why aren’t emails I send appearing in my Sent folder?

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    If you’re sending emails but they’re not appearing in your Sent emails folder, your Telstra Mail account may not be set up to save them.

    Log in to Telstra Mail using your browser and follow these steps.

    1. Select Settings
    2. Select Mail
    3. Make sure the ‘Save sent messages’ box is ticked
    4. Select Save

    If that doesn’t work:

    1. Check your settings to see if you have any rules to automatically move or delete messages:
      1. Go to Settings, click on Mail and then 'Organise inbox'
      2. Delete any Move or delete rules you have created.
    2. Check Drafts and Outbox, in case your message has not completed sending. It will not appear in your sent folder until it’s gone from either of these folders.

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