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Welcome to Telstra

Your new Telstra home internet connection

Thanks for choosing Telstra. This page is your one stop shop for information about what happens straight after your order has been submitted, how to get started, managing your account and usage online, and answers to our frequently asked questions.

  • We’ll process your order and run additional checks between your home and the local exchange to identify if a technician visit is needed to complete your internet connection. 
  • Once your order is processed, we’ll contact you by phone, SMS or email to confirm your scheduled connection date and if required, your technician appointment.
  • If you register for Telstra Air, you can enjoy free data at Telstra Air hotspots as soon as your order is processed. You do not need to wait for your internet service to be activated. Download the Telstra Air app, log in and connect at any Telstra Air hotspot.
  • If a technician is connecting your home internet, a day before your appointment you’ll receive a confirmation SMS. Someone over the age of 18 will need to be home to let the technician in to connect you.
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If you’ve chosen to self-install your internet connection, your Telstra modem will be couriered to your nominated delivery address.

ADSL: you will need to wait until you’ve received your activation email before you plug in your modem..

Cable: as soon as you receive your modem, you can plug in and connect straight away.

telstra gateway max

For instructions on how to set up your modem, select the model below:

The above modem is Telstra Air compatible, so you’re eligible to register for Telstra Air (a free service for Telstra customers). If you’ve already registered, you can access free Wi-fi data at more than a million hotspots around Australia and millions of Fon Spots overseas.

Extra information on extenders and connectivity options.


When we set up your broadband connection, it is linked with a BigPond username, such as username@bigpond.com

  • ADSL: you’ll just need to plug in your ADSL Gateway and it will connect automatically and you won’t need your Bigpond Username and Password.
  • Cable: you’ll need your BigPond username and password to configure and manually install your gateway.
Telstra Mail

Telstra Mail is our email service that is included with your Home Broadband Plan. Features of Telstra Mail include advanced security features, 10GB of storage and up to 15 separate mailboxes.


Optimise your Wi-Fi

Improve the performance of your wireless network in your home with the Telstra Wi-Fi Maximiser™ App. This app assists your Wi-Fi performance by measuring signal strength on a device connected to your gateway. You can also produce heat maps to visualise the Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office. 


Telstra iD

Your Telstra iD is your username and password to log in to a range of Telstra services, such as Telstra 24x7 My Account, the Telstra 24x7 App, Telstra TV, Telstra Air® and Telstra Thanks.

Telstra 24x7 My Account

Telstra 24x7 My Account enables you to manage your Telstra accounts and services online. By logging into Telstra 24x7 My Account with your Telstra iD you can check your estimated usage, view and pay bills, set up direct debit and more. 

Telstra 24x7 App

The Telstra 24x7 App lets you manage your Telstra account and services on your smartphone or tablet. On one easy dashboard, keep an eye on your estimated data usage, view and pay your bill, manage your add-ons such as Telstra Broadband Protect and Free Data Top Ups and chat to us 24/7.

Telstra Air

Access free and unlimited Wi-Fi data at over a million hotspots in Australia – and more than 20 million Fon Spots overseas.


Three for Free

We all need a little extra data sometimes, especially during school holidays or when guests come to stay. Your plan includes Three for Free – three home broadband data top-ups every year, to use if you exceed your monthly data allowance.


Your bill can be confusing, so we’ve made this short video to help you out. 

Watch now

Bill payment options

Find the most convenient ways to pay your bill online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get more from your Telstra home internet

Telstra Platinum

Need tech help? Get 24x7 support for your gadgets, computers and the internet over the phone, online and instore.

Telstra Broadband Protect

Help protect every device connected to your Telstra home internet service.

Telstra Air®

Access free and unlimited Wi-Fi data at over 1 million hotspots in Australia and free Wi-Fi data in over 20 million Fon Spots overseas.

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