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Opticomm's upgrade of the Telstra Velocity network has begun. Choose your new plan now to enjoy a better experience and avoid disconnection.

What's included when you upgrade

Faster speeds

You’ll enjoy access to faster internet  speeds with Opticomm’s next generation fibre technology. 

Reliable internet

You’ll be able to purchase higher speed plans, which can mean a better experience for more people on more devices. 

Smart Wi-Fi Modem

A Telstra Smart Modem is included for customers who don’t have a compatible modem. 

We’ll check your current modem’s compatibility when you order.

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With a special offer for customers upgrading from Velocity.

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No lock-in contracts

You can change your Telstra Upfront Internet plan once a month, or cancel anytime.

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There are no unexpected charges or late fees with our Upfront plans. Just a single payment  each month.

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Uniti Group Limited (“Uniti”) is a diversified provider of telecommunications services. Opticomm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uniti who will undertake the network upgrade works. 

Opticomm will not sell retail services in these areas. Opticomm will only act as the telecommunications wholesaler to other Retail Service Providers (RSPs). Just like nbn co, end user customers will receive services from a retail provider of their choice - such as Telstra. 

Read more about Opticomm The Velocity network is getting an upgrade • Opticomm • Built on better

On 24 December 2020, Telstra sold its Velocity Network to Uniti Group Limited, to be operated by Opticomm, its wholesale subsidiary. 

As part of the sale, Opticomm will upgrade the network technology, giving you access to enhanced broadband products and services, and enabling you to receive faster internet speeds.

The upgrade will happen area by area, based on geographic location. You’ll need to transition to the upgraded Opticomm network once it’s available in your area because it will replace your existing Telstra fibre connection. 

Opticomm is a wholesale provider and will not be the retailer of services on the upgraded network. Instead, Opticomm have a list of retail service providers who are able to help customers take advantage of the upgraded network. Like nbn, customers will continue to receive services from their preferred phone and internet provider - such as Telstra.

You can check your address  to find out when Telstra South Brisbane and Velocity Estate services will be available on the upgraded network.

We need to allow time for Opticomm to build and test the brand new infrastructure, systems and network interfaces required to successfully operate the upgraded FTTP network and expect this to be completed according to the Velocity Opticomm Transition Roadmap and schedule

If you currently get your service from Telstra, we’ll contact you directly in the lead up to the transition commencement date for your area with the important dates and the steps that you need to take. Other service providers may also undertake marketing in your area.

You must change to the Opticomm network to avoid your services being disconnected. It’s important that you act promptly when you receive communication from Telstra, another Service Provider or Opticomm about the transition.

You will not be able to continue using the Velocity network once your services have been disconnected.

Your Telstra services will stay the same until it’s time to transition your services to the upgraded Opticomm network.

If you currently have your service with Telstra, we’ll be in touch before it’s time to change to the upgraded Opticomm network. We’ll keep you informed of all the important things you need to know, and the steps you need to take to ensure the continuity of your Telstra services.

If you don’t have a compatible modem, and you choose Telstra as your service provider, we'll send you a modem when it’s time to upgrade. Our ordering system will determine whether a new modem is required at the time you make your technician appointment.

If you have a monitored medical alarm, fire alarm service, or a lift emergency phone, it’s important you check with your third-party service provider that your service will continue to work on the upgraded Opticomm network. 

The transition involves disconnection of your current fixed line services from Telstra’s FTTP network and connection of your new services on Opticomm’s upgraded FTTP network. This is all planned to happen to minimise any disruption to your service. 

There will be a disruption to your service while the physical network transition is occurring. This is expected to take no more than two hours for most customers. 

If you have chosen Telstra as your preferred service provider, your Telstra Smart Modem comes with a pre-activated SIM card inserted which connects to the Telstra mobile network. When the modem detects that your fibre service is not available, and your home or business is in a 4G coverage area, it switches to the Telstra mobile network, and you will have 4G internet access. This process may take a few minutes. You will not have access to a voice service using the Telstra Smart Modem.

When the outage or disruption is over, the modem will automatically switch back to your fixed broadband service within minutes. You may not even notice an outage has occurred.

Discover more about the Telstra Smart Modem.

You may need to change plans when you transition to the Opticomm network. We’ll let you know at the time of transition and help you choose a plan that’s right for you. All Telstra in-market plans are now offered month-to-month, with no lock-in contracts.

Telstra will not charge you to transition your service to the Opticomm network during your allotted transition window.

If you don’t have a compatible modem, and you choose Telstra as your service provider, we'll send you a modem when it’s time to upgrade. 

This will depend on the plan you choose. The Opticomm network upgrade will enable a choice of plans offering increased internet speeds compared to speeds available on Telstra’s FTTP network today. Plus, there are even higher speed options planned in the future. 

An NTD (Network Termination Device) upgrade at your premises may also be required to achieve higher Internet speeds. Please contact 13 22 00 and say OPTICOMM when prompted to speak to us.

Read more about the Opticomm network reliability.

You can keep your existing telephone number when you transition to Opticomm. 

It may take up to 7 business days to reconnect your existing phone number.

The transition to the Opticomm network will not affect your access to free-to-air TV.

For any enquiries or faults, please contact Opticomm or request a call back from Opticomm.

You’ll still need to have a set top box, just as you had before the Opticomm transition. Your set top box will not need to be re-programmed during the transition.

If you are experiencing home phone or Internet issues during the Opticomm transition, you will need to contact 13 22 00 or contact your Retail Service Provider who will be able to assist you with resolving the issue. 

If you have a monitored medical alarm, fire alarm service, or a lift emergency phone, it is important you check with your third-party service provider that your device and service will continue to work on the upgrade Opticomm network.

Telstra understands how important it is as a Priority Assist Customer to have a reliable, working service. As there will be an outage during your upgrade, if you choose to stay with Telstra, we will send you a Big Button Phone. We will also talk to you about whether you'd like a Telstra technician to visit your premises to help set up any new equipment that might be needed.

This will ensure you will continue to have access to a voice service during the transition.

The Big Button Phone has two important features:

  1. An inbuilt battery backup to ensure that you can continue to make calls (for up to 8 hours) in the event of a power outage.
  2. An inbuilt 4G mobile service which will seamlessly take over in the event of a network outage, to ensure you can continue to make and receive phone calls.

There will be no charge for this phone and any calls made whilst on the backup will be free of charge. In addition, please be aware that the phone will require a power point located near the connection point of the phone (phone socket).


Your fixed broadband service can never go faster than the maximum line speed available at your premises, so for FTTN/B/C customers we will confirm your actual speeds after connection and let you know if your line is not able to achieve the maximum speed of your plan. 

The ‘typical busy period speeds’ are not measures of customers’ actual in-premises speeds, which may be slower. Not all customers receive these speeds. 

Find out more about speeds for Telstra customers on the nbn network  & Opticomm access network.


Plan prices 

Your plan and add-ons may change (including price and inclusions). If you don’t like a change, you can change your plan or cancel your plan or add-ons.  If you cancel, just pay out your device, accessories and services in full. 


High speeds

Typical busy period speeds for Ultrafast are an estimate only. We do not have sufficient data yet to calculate the typical busy period speeds. Actual speeds experienced may be lower due to various factors including in-home setup and wiring, For ordinary personal domestic use. For important information on speeds see nbn key facts sheet (PDF, 81KB) or Opticomm key facts sheet (PDF, 39.8KB)


Service Availability

Services not available to all areas or premises.



Standard installation includes self-installation of your modem, eligibility criteria applies. Extra charges apply for non-standard installation of Telstra, nbn co or Opticomm supplied equipment or in new developments.


Telstra Smart Modem™ 

Mobile backup is available to premises in 4G coverage areas. Check coverage at Your mobile backup connection is capped at 25Mbps for downloads and 5Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds may be lower due to local conditions and content accessed.


Medical security alarms, lift phones and fire indicator panels

If you have a back-to-base security alarm or medi-alert connected to your home phone service, it’s important you contact your medical or security provider to check if they’re compatible with the nbn network or the Opticomm access network and identify what alternatives are available.


Google Nest

Voice-activated calling with Telstra requires a compatible smartphone and a Telstra Mobile service with credit, a powered Google Nest Mini connected to an active Wi-Fi network and activation through iOS/Android Google Home app. Data charges may apply. Call charges will be in accordance with your Telstra mobile plan. Liberate and Mobile Protect are incompatible. Excludes business customers. Music subscription may be required. Requires Netflix subscription. nbn™, nbn co and other nbn™ logos and brands are trademarks of nbn co limited and used under licence.