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Upselling financial services

Rocky Scopelliti, Group General Manager of Telstra’s Industry Centre of Excellence, reveals how more responsive client service can drive upselling success.


Q: What are the service expectations of consumers in 2015 when it comes to financial services?

A: Customers expect to engage an organisation though the device of their choosing and the moment of their choosing. What's interesting is that while the channels for engaging with financial institutions have broadened over the years, telephony remains the key channel for connecting with customers.

Q: Are Australians any different to other countries in how they use financial services?

A: In at least one respect, yes. Australian consumers have some of the highest split relationships in the world when it comes to financial service providers. Multiple banks, multiple insurance providers and so on. So there's an opportunity here for cross-selling to win more business. The service experience that a customer has with you is integral to that goal.

Q: What are some of the enablers of this more responsive and personalised service?

A: Telephony remains critical because it orchestrates the communication between the customer and the expert personnel within a financial firm. IP telephony is the next step - a technology that's making responses to customers a lot more efficient. It drives internal collaboration in order to quickly solve a customer problem or answer a query. This is cloud collaboration in action.

Q: Can you give an example?

A: You might have the relationship manager in a financial firm who takes a client call and requires some specialist tax advice in assisting a customer. So he uses cloud collaboration via IP telephony to connect instantly with an expert colleague and bring that expertise into the conversation in real time, whether that expert is in the same office, another office or on the road.

Q: And that means happier customers, right?

A: Right. It creates a great customer experience when you are able to manage an inquiry or customer opportunity in the moment that it presents itself, rather than saying you'll take it on board and get back to them.