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Redefine Your IT Performance

Technology is changing the world every day and you need a network that can keep up with it. We are building a new kind of network that will empower you to meet the challenges of the future. A new kind of network that will adapt with you in real time, offer a new level of control and flexibility and evolve to suit your business. A network that helps you seize opportunities as they arise. This is the Programmable Network.

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Explore the Programmable Network

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IDC Market Spotlight

Network Transformation – The Next Frontier in Digital Transformation

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Technology Evolution


Traditional networking is changing to meet the demands of the digital era. Find out how.


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Programmable Networks


Network transformation is here. How enterprise networks are evolving to meet the demands of the digital era.


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How we can help


Why Telstra? We’re building a Programmable Network, and can help you on your network transformation journey.”


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The Programmable Network empowers you to embrace digital transformation and quickly respond to evolving business needs and changing market dynamics with next generation agility, flexible consumption of services, and automated provisioning of network services.


The Telstra Advantage


An intelligent network that enables you to self-provision network capacity, services and applications. A network that will prioritise traffic over a choice of multiple latency options, via a single, easy-to-use portal or by customer systems interfaced via APIs.



Extensive, fast and reliable network

We enable you to connect to new opportunities around the world. Our network has global coverage through a number of strategic carrier partnerships with over 2,000 points of presence around the world.It is best rated High-Capacity and Low-Latency Network in Asia Pacific.* (*Gartner)


End-to-end services

As a network operator and services provider, we can provide more visibility into customer IT systems and structures. Full visibility and monitoring of network design and performance helps you maintain control of your service. We also make it easier for your organisations to drive efficiencies by offering technology and service as a complete, integrated solution with one port of call for support.


We have already integrated Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation capabilities throughout our global network. Draw upon this experience through our team of expert consultants and solution architects who can help you build complete integrated solutions, customised for your requirements.


Key Benefits

Dynamic Network Portal - ease of use

Create the network you want

Your organisation has unique needs, so your network should be unique too. Access the applications, services and capacity you want on a network you configure to suit your business. Connect on-demand to the places around the world that matter to you, and only use the services you need, all from a self-service portal or by customer systems interfaced via APIs.

Deliver better experiences

Deliver better experiences

Your users’ expectations are constantly changing. With the Programmable Network, you will be able to spin up virtual appliances from leading providers in the cloud or on-site, improve network security, and accelerate WAN performance in minutes to keep delivering great experiences.

Dynamic Network Portal - Integration enablement

Adapt easily

The traditional provisioning model is out-of-date in today’s world of continuously fluctuating, elastic capacity demands. The Programmable Network enables you to provision capacity and deploy virtualised network services at the click of a button, giving you the flexibility to respond faster than ever before. Intelligent automation will reduce the burden of network management, leaving you free to focus on meeting your organisation’s goals.

We are investing in a network strategy that will provide a paradigm shift in the efficiency, flexibility and speed with which business and enterprise customers will be able to order and manage their ICT service environment.

As it evolves, the Programmable Network will provide a growing range of network, managed service, security, cloud and application services that can be ordered and managed via a customer portal with a single unified view, or by customer systems interfaced via APIs.

The range of services will be extensive and include services delivered from Telstra platforms, plus complimentary third party infrastructure services where Telstra provides the added value of integrated connectivity, ordering and customer management tools.

Define the services you want, on-demand, and with automated delivery. We use an innovative self-serve platform so you can pick and choose the solutions that work for your organisation, pay for what you use, and scale as required without physically provisioning more infrastructure.

SDN How it works

The Programmable Network uses software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) to bypass legacy provisioning, activation and antiquated management IT systems, dramatically improving activation times from weeks and months to minutes if the right infrastructure is already in place.


A key component of the solution is services orchestration: this combines, configures and manages, in near real time, the infrastructure capabilities, communication services and business applications customers need to rapidly adopt new business models and meet today’s business challenges. It facilitates the monitoring, validation and service assurance to ensure services perform reliably and consistently.

Importantly, the underlying network resources and cloud domains invoked, configured and managed by the orchestrator are established Telstra services.

The Programmable Network platform


The platform comprises of three major components:

Infrastructure layer

This contains the enabling physical network, storage and compute resources.

Control layer

This is where service orchestration is performed. The orchestrator integrates the hardware and software functions of our SDN/NFV platform with our other services to ensure that the complete system delivers the experience the customer expects, and requires.

Application layer

This provides the interface that enables customers to specify the network services and functions and the business applications they require to meet their business needs.

Secure Internet Access

Connect securely to the internet from your Next IP service in near real time while paying only for what you use. You can create connections without having to host a physical router in a data centre, helping reduce time and costs. Use Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) such as virtual firewalls to secure your traffic to the internet.

Global Exchange

Extend your wide area network and connect on-demand to a global community of business partners; including other enterprises, software vendors, public cloud providers and exchanges through Telstra’s Programmable Network. With over 30 PoPs distributed globally you’re provided with extensive coverage across multiple locations with access to a complete global ecosystem.


VNF Marketplace

Access an online storefront within the Programmable Network portal which allows you to buy virtual network functions such as virtual firewalls and routers from a range of vendors. These can be deployed on demand according to your requirements for live and/or test environments, and be configured and managed in near real time.

Data Centre Interconnect

Connect on demand to a global network of private and public clouds. Data Centre Interconnect lets you connect on-demand to multiple, enabled data centres across the world. This gives you the freedom to move between data centres with the flexibility to scale bandwidth up and down as needed. It’s all made easy through the global reach of our Programmable Network.

Enabled solutions

Data Centre Interconnect

Data Centre Interconnect gives you the freedom to move at will between selected data centres across the globe by connecting you to a global network of private and hybrid clouds on demand using SDN.

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Cloud Gateway

Cloud Gateway is Telstra’s simple way to connect multiple clouds, and create a hybrid environment. It enables you to simply and securely connect to one or more cloud environments, via a single, intuitive portal.

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Tailored SD-WAN

Our Business Technology Services team can create custom SD-WAN services. Organisations can securely enhance their WANs with Internet connectivity and private IP VPN connections. This enables the dynamic routing of traffic for each business application to the best available path.



What is important about SDN & NFV?

Understanding SDN

What Software Defined Networking means for enterprise.

Understanding NFV

Why Network Function Virtualisation is beneficial for businesses.


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