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A network reimagined.

Discover a network that will adapt with you in real time, offer a new level of control and flexibility, while evolving to suit your business.


Reimagine your network

The Telstra Programmable Network enables near real-time, on-demand connectivity to clouds, data centres, security, application services and a partner ecosystem through a single unified view.

All services and infrastructure can be ordered and managed via a customer portal with a single unified view, or by customer systems interfaced via APIs, transforming the traditional networking experience to deliver control and agility to match your business demands.

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Learn about programmable networking


Traditional networking is changing to meet the demands of the digital era. Find out how.

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See how enterprise networks are evolving to keep up with the digital needs of today.

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Learn about programmable networking

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Key benefits

Dynamic Network Portal - ease of use

Create the network you want

Access the applications, services and capacity you want on a network that you configure to suit your business. Intelligent automation will help network management.

Deliver better experiences

Deliver better experiences

Automated provisioning takes minutes instead of months, giving you the flexibility to respond faster and get the results you want.

Dynamic Network Portal - Integration enablement

Adapt easily

Only pay for what you use with our flexible consumption model. You can add and remove capacity and services at the click of a button, giving you the flexibility to respond faster.


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watch a telstra programmable network demo

Experience the Telstra Programmable Network first hand. Discover how the platform allows you to easily control your network at the click of a button, in near real-time.

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The Telstra difference

Our Telstra Programmable Network empowers you to embrace digital transformation and quickly respond to evolving business needs and changing market dynamics with next generation agility, flexible consumption of services, and automated provisioning of network services.

Consumption based

Only pay for what you use, driving down costs of under-utilised services and maximising your network investments.


An intelligent network that enables you to self-provision network capacity, services and applications on-demand.

Transformative experience

On-demand services on a single unified platform, via a single, easy-to-use portal or by customer systems interfaced via APIs.


How it works

Define the services you want, on-demand, and with automated delivery. We use an innovative self-serve platform so you can pick and choose the solutions that work for your organisation, pay for what you use, and scale as required without physically provisioning more infrastructure.

The platform comprises of three major components:

Infrastructure layer

This contains the enabling physical network, storage and compute resources.

Control layer

The orchestrator integrates the hardware and software functions of our SDN/NFV platform with our other services.

Application layer

Specify the network services and functions and the business applications required.

SDN How it works


The Telstra Programmable Network uses software defined networks (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) to bypass legacy provisioning, activation and outdated management IT systems, dramatically improving the duration of activation times, if the right infrastructure is already in place.



Services orchestration combines, configures and manages, in near real-time, infrastructure capabilities, communication services and business applications. It facilitates the monitoring, validation and assurance to ensure services perform reliably and consistently.


Our Customers


smaato logo

smaato logo



What the analysts are saying



Telstra is investing heavily to integrate SDN/NFV capabilities into its global networks to offer a centrally controlled, programmable and optimized network. These are strong talking points for Telstra when approaching existing and prospective customers.




It is almost a given that enterprises will demand to consume network services as they consume cloud services... The Telstra Programmable Network will meet market demands and enable Telstra to effectively serve new segments and existing customers more effectively and efficiently.



Use cases

Gateway Protection

Gateway Protection is an advanced, cloud-based solution for securing multi-cloud environments. Through the Telstra Programmable Network (TPN), you can view and control your firewall security policies across private, public and hybrid clouds in near real-time.

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Gateway protection

Data Centre Interconnect

Connect on-demand to a global network of private and public clouds. Data Centre Interconnect lets you connect immediately to multiple enabled data centres across the world. This gives you the freedom to move between data centres with the flexibility to scale bandwidth up and down as needed. It's made easy through the global reach of our Telstra Programmable Network.

Data Centre Interconnect Datasheet 

Data Centre Interconnect

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Data Centre Interconnect

Global exchange

Extend your wide area network and connect on-demand to a global community of business partners; including other enterprises, software vendors, public cloud providers and exchanges through The Telstra Programmable Network. With over thirty PoPs distributed globally, you’re provided with extensive coverage across multiple locations with access to a complete global ecosystem.

Global Exchange Datasheet 

Watch our tutorial video

Global Exchange


Access an online storefront within the Telstra Programmable Network portal which allows you to buy virtual network functions such as virtual firewalls and routers from a range of vendors. These can be deployed on-demand according to your requirements for live and/or test environments, and be configured and managed in near real-time.

Marketplace Datasheet


Secure internet access

Connect securely to the internet from your Next IP service in near real-time while only paying for what you use. You can create connections without having to host a physical router in a data centre, helping reduce time and costs. Use Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) such as virtual firewalls to secure your traffic to the internet.

Secure Internet Datasheet 

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Latest updates: April 2018

We’ve launched our Gateway Protection service, a security solution with a flexible cloud firewall and a range of options for managing your firewall policies across a multi-cloud environment.

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