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Modern collaboration

Build a company of team players.

Amazing things happen when teams can share ideas and information whenever inspiration hits. Help them work when and where they want.

Collaboration comes naturally

Make teamwork instinctive by uniting your core productivity tools and enterprise calling in one brilliant collaboration experience.

Go cloud first and mobile first, because that’s how people work now. Or move at your own pace with on-premise or hybrid solutions.

Whatever your journey, our solutions are built on a global enterprise calling network to provide a powerful foundation for every team.

Getting started

Empower your workforce with the right collaboration tools to make them thrive.

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Our solutions

Telstra Calling for Office 365

Get more done faster with simple, intuitive landline calls via the Microsoft cloud.

Telstra Collaboration with Cisco

Inspire teamwork with meetings, calls, messaging and tools in the cloud.

TIPT (Telstra IP Telephony)

Keep up to speed with voice, video, chat and presence all in one place.

Skype for Business

Bring teams together with a full suite of enterprise-grade collaboration tools and managed services.

Cisco Webex Teams

Work in virtual space, in real time, using a single app.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution and Jabber

Boost productivity through powerful cloud collaboration in one integrated and accessible platform.


Take your office with you wherever you go with the best features of desk phone on your mobile.

Office 365 Enterprise

Give the right tools to every team with your choice of the latest Microsoft apps delivered via the cloud.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Build a modern workplace with Microsoft Office, Windows and enhanced security, all in one brilliant package.

On-premise solutions

Just beginning your journey to modern collaboration? We can help you transition in your own time.


Making it happen

A smarter office

With voice embedded in Office 365, RM Williams is driving innovation and creating a smarter office and a more empowered workforce.

Walking the talk

How do you build an organisation that lives up to a brilliant vision and delivers on it? Collaboration is everything. See inside Telstra's own collaboration journey.


Learn more about collaboration

How to create an empowered and productive workforce

Hint: freeing your team to work across distance and device can dramatically lift engagement.

Why business needs millenials

By 2025, millenials will form 64% of the workforce - is your workplace ready for them?

Working, fast and slow

We took insights from Kahneman and Tversky’s bestselling 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' and applied them to the workplace. The upshot? Collaboration tools are central to helping teams be more effective.


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