Business SIP

Quick and easy voice calling over the internet

Benefit from a quick and simple IP voice alternative. There’s no need for a dedicated private IP network, and you can use any internet provider.

Quick and easy voice calling over the internet

We offer simple migration, enabling you to keep your existing Telstra-approved phone system and phone numbers, all controlled and managed through a convenient online portal. With a wide choice of plans, devices and extras, you have the flexibility and choice to tailor your service to your organisation’s unique needs.

[Title] Business SIP. The simple choice for IP voice.

[Narrator] The NBN rollout is speeding up and phone calls over ISDN are switching off, so you'll need to switch to IP voice.

But there are so many questions. Like do I have to rip out and replace my phone system and change my phone numbers? Do I need to spend big on a new IP solution, is that going to take a long time and will it disrupt my business? Nobody needs those headaches, so here's a bright idea from Telstra. It's business SIP, an IP voice solution that simple, affordable, flexible, and available now.

You can keep your current phone numbers and your Telstra approved phone system to avoid unnecessary costs. All you need is broadband internet from any service provider you choose.

Moving to Business SIP is easy, we can set you up in days. If you're already have Telstra ISDN you can migrate numbers at your convenience via our portal. It also lets you control everything when you're set up. You can choose a range of features and add-ons to suit whatever business you're in, including the mobility option that lets you handle calls like you're in the office, even when you're not, or the business continuity option, that automatically redirects calls to your chosen number. There’s also a choice of calling plans to suit your budget, plus Business SIP works with other IP solutions when you’re ready for them.

So forget the headaches. Business sip is the simple choice for IP voice and your IP future.

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Key features

Improve management via the user portal

Use our simple online portal to assign users, passwords and phone numbers, check service performance and view reports.

Tailor features to your business needs

Make your solution work for your specific needs. We can tailor your service with a range of features, including analogue phones, EFTPOS, fax, virtual receptionists, alarm lines, hunt groups, business lines and individual number or 100 number blocks.

Business Continuity add-on

Keep your business online, even in times of crisis, with the ability to automatically redirect calls to a nominated number during an outage.

Mobility Feature Pack add-on

Gain a range of benefits with the Telstra Business Connect app, including the ability to use a smartphone or tablet on the go, work at home while appearing to be at your desk, use your computer without the need for a landline phone, and enabling simultaneous ringing across up to 10 devices.


Quick to get started, easy to scale

Get set up in just a few days and scale easily as your business grows.

Cost-effective quality

With Business SIP you ensure effective calling with no need to replace your phone system or have a private IP network.


Be ready for the nbn™ when it arrives, while using your existing access network.

The flexibility to use any network provider

Benefit from Business SIP with a broadband internet service from Telstra or other providers.

Powerful extras

Take advantage of our mobility, security and business continuity options.

How it works

Frequently asked questions

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Help and support

Business SIP support

Get help and support for your Business SIP service with our management portal and guides for administrators and users to help you manage your service.

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Getting started

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