Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

All-in-one cloud collaboration

TIPT is a comprehensive cloud calling platform, offering a consistent experience across multiple devices and locations, helping hybrid workers to be more productive.

What is TIPT?

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A complete unified communications solution that’s simple, flexible, scalable and highly reliable.

[Title] Intro to TIPT and Liberate

[Narrator] TIPT is a comprehensive office telephony platform offering a consistent experience across multiple devices and locations helping hybrid workers to be more productive.

TIPT offers a seamless user experience giving your teams office

telephony functionality and collaboration tools whether they're in the office, at home, or on the go.

By adding Liberate, mobile's become an integrated part of your solution too delivering the best desk phone features to your mobile. TIPT works across a broad range of physical devices including desk phones, cordless handsets, fax machines, and analog devices, as well as a soft client that integrates with Microsoft Teams.

With TIPT your teams can easily create call flows with simple to use call routing features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, call pick up groups, paging, and call park.

More advanced TIPT add-ons like call center, reception features, and call recording enable your organisation

to handle incoming calls for single or multiple sites and across multiple numbers.

Agents can be assigned to multiple queues and supervisors can get real time reporting on agent availability and queue statistics.

APIs allow you to integrate call recording, your CRM, and other business applications to further enhance your customer-employee experience.

With self-serve management via an easy to use portal, TIPT is a comprehensive solution to help you deliver first class customer experience in a hybrid working world.

Discover how TIPT can help transform your business.

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Key features

Powerful calling functions and mobile integration with Liberate

A cloud calling platform for the modern hybrid worker – where you need it – in the office, on the road or at home.

Meet, message, and collaborate with a modern and easy to use Webex interface

A single user interface, across devices, allows your team to collaborate simply and effectively wherever they are located.

Easily add new users and scale quickly via our self-service portal

Provision new users and scale up and down as needed, so you can you adapt your service as your business changes.

Auto-feature updates

Cloud-based collaboration ensures you’ll always have the latest security updates and features.


Introducing Webex for TIPT

Take collaboration to the next level when you combine the power of TIPT with and an easy-to-use and secure cloud-based soft client, Webex.

[Narrator] It's been estimated that 98% of all business meetings will have at least one person joining remotely. This makes cloud-based telephony essential.

Introducing the all-new TIPT with Webex (by Cisco).

So what's new? A brand new soft client, self-service portal, and an onshore skilled support team.

Easily call landlines or mobiles using your business number from within your Webex, Slack or Microsoft Teams client.

And receive calls to your business number within the Webex app, including calls made to your Telstra mobile.

Organize meetings for up to 1000 people or just chat one-to-one.

You can now add, upgrade or migrate users from old phone systems all within minutes via the self-service portal.

Get the support you need when you need it with a dedicated service team you can email or call directly.

The all new TIPT with Webex gives your team the telephony and meeting functions they need wherever they choose to work.

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Simple, effective collaboration

Bring your people together quickly and easily to get work done through a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and locations.

The flexibility to grow alongside your business

Be sure your solution meets your needs, even as they change over time. Customise your solution using a range of plans, features and end points, and scale up or down as needed.

Drive productivity and innovation with APIs

Integrate your busines telephony, including Telstra corporate mobiles, with your business processes such as CRM, billing and other applications. For example, a call to your mobile could trigger a CRM record pop up.

Proven platform performance

With over half a million users and 250 million minutes of calls per month, TIPT is a reliable choice, supported by on-shore customer service and backed by Australia’s largest integrated national IP platform.

How it works

TIPT supports devices and handsets connected over Telstra’s Next IP MPLS network, across the Internet, and natively via the 4G/5G mobile network with Liberate. TIPT soft clients can connect users across MPLS or the Internet.

Even when connecting over the Internet, TIPT ensures your calls are secure, encrypting traffic with TLS 1.2 and sRTP, using 256Bit encryption.

The TIPT platform is fully geo-redundant between Sydney and Melbourne and is designed with voice quality in mind. TIPT provides PoPs in all major cities to ensure the shortest path from your handset/device to our platform.

Extended features and add-ons for TIPT

  • Office Telephony: Full office telephone functionality, traditionally found in an on-premise phone system, with the added benefits of embedded collaboration soft clients.
  • Liberate: Unify your mobile and desk phone in Telstra's Cloud to help maintain your business identity and call flows in a mobile-first world. Liberate provides unique call handling on your mobile with powerful API integration.
  • Webex for TIPT: Go on video meetings, call, message, share and collaborate, all from one simple and secure Webex app. Choose to grow your calling solution by improving two of the most common elements of workplace collaboration—messaging and meetings.
  • Self-serve portal: Add new users and features like call centre or reception packs in near real time.
  • Call Centre: Create a call centre built for mobile users that’s great for traditional desk phone/soft phone users too. Agents can login, change availability and transfer calls all via their mobile. Handle incoming calls for single or multiple sites and across multiple numbers. Agents can be assigned to multiple queues and supervisors can get real-time reporting on agent availability and queue statistics.
  • Call Recording: Calls can be recorded in the Telstra Cloud no matter the device - mobile / desk phone / soft-phone. Ensure compliance, analyse customer sentiment and drive employee improvement.
  • TIPT Complete calling plan: Helps to give you more certainty around call costs with a fixed monthly price per user, per month, providing unlimited local, long-distance, and fixed to mobile calls within Australia.


Dubber Call Recording and Insights

Call recording across your softphones, desk phones and Telstra Liberated mobiles can help provide better compliance, CX, dispute resolution, training, and productivity.


Case studies and articles

[Matthew Ingersole, Chief Information Officer, Surf Life Saving NSW]: Through our State Operations Centre, we coordinate the activities of our 76,000 members across 2000 kilometres of coastline in New South Wales.

We need a telephony system that is robust, reliable, and always works because people's lives are on the line.

When we rolled out TIPT, we really wanted to increase the flexibility for our staff to be able to take calls when and where it suited them best.

So, if they were working from home, for example, they could have the same experience that they would have in the office from a telephony perspective. 

Not just the flexibility, but also the robustness of the solution was really important for us as well.

So, it needed to be something that was bulletproof.

One of the things that really stood out about the Telstra TIPT system was its reliability and its uptime, and the quality of the calls that was similar to the old-school PABX.

That was a really significant factor in us choosing the Telstra TIPT system. 

The key features of TIPT that make a difference to us are the call Hunt Groups, the ability to call queue, the ability to add, move, and change users between Hunt Groups and have it instantly reflected within the system itself, and obviously the integration with Dubber Call Recording and all of the other Liberate features that we use as well.

Through the TIPT call system, we have an IVR, an Interactive Voice Response, where, if it's an emergency, people can press 1 and their call will be prioritised through, or if they press 2, then it'll go through to the normal call flow, and then one of the operators will answer it.

But depending on time-of-day calling, people will either come through to our operation centre or they'll go to our after-hours operators.

Anytime that we receive a call, our operators specifically have an opportunity to be able to answer that on their desk phone device, on their laptop, or on their mobile as well, when it's liberated. 

[Hanna Clare, NSW State Duty Officer, Surf Life Saving NSW]: With Surf Life Saving New South Wales taking up the Liberate and TIPT apps, we can guarantee that all our phones will be answered and that you'll always speak to a member of the State Operations Centre through the Hunt Groups that have been created.

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Case study

How Surf Life Saving NSW use TIPT in their State Operations Centre

Surf Life Saving New South Wales use Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT) in their State Operations Centre to manage their incoming calls and direct calls to operations both in the centre and working remotely, using hunt groups and call queues.

Support and help


Telstra Enterprise TIPT help and support

Get help and support for your TIPT services with our self-service portals, guides and information to help you manage your services.

Why Telstra?

Our cloud collaboration solutions are designed to help you inspire brilliant teamwork while driving innovation and productivity for your organisation. By choosing Telstra Unified Communications, you will work with teams of experts who understand your business - and with the capability to deliver leading-edge solutions that help you define and deliver your strategies for today and into the future.

Knowledgeable experts

Our portfolio of cloud-based collaboration solutions are designed to help you inspire brilliant teamwork while driving innovation and productivity. By choosing Telstra for your Unified Communications, you will work with teams of experts who understand your business - and with the capability to deliver leading-edge solutions that help you define and deliver your strategies for today and into the future.

Extensive and flexible access

Our networks are among the largest in the country and are able to connect you from more places in Australia. TIPT is also available over any compatible network and anywhere you have internet in Australia.


As the first company in Australia to converge fixed and mobile capability in a single network-integrated solution, we are in a strong position to help satisfy the growing need for mobile first strategies through bringing the power of a desk phone to the users and the workplace.

Getting started

Register here and one of our TIPT specialists will contact you with more information.

Things you need to know

Please note that all TIPT Services in operation at your TIPT site must subscribe to a TIPT Complete Calling plan. To receive the TIPT Complete Calling Plan, all active numbers on your TIPT Service must have the same plan, at the same monthly rate, applied to them. An active number is a TIPT phone number with a basic, standard, or executive pack allocated to it. Devices subject to the TIPT Complete Calling Plan monthly charge may include equipment such as handsets, conference phones, and IADs, or users of Telstra Business Connect.

The TIPT Complete call plan rates are only available to calls originating from your IP Telephony service. All other call types not included in the TIPT Complete Calling plan will be rated according to your contracted rates or OCT, as applicable.

The monthly rate for the TIPT Compete Calling Plan is calculated by the total amount of active numbers on your TIPT. When you add or delete active numbers from your service, you are changing the amount of active numbers on your network. When you request such changes, we will audit the amount of active numbers on your enterprise to see if your eligibility for the monthly rate changes. If your eligibility changes, we may move you to another monthly rate at our discretion.

Installation and configuration charges apply as per current TIPT pricing.

The offer is only available on a 12- or 36-month contract term. Offers are valid for recontracting and new Business and Enterprise customers. Early termination of your contract will result in early termination charges being applied. This offer will not be valid in conjunction with other Telstra promotional offers unless otherwise specified. This offer is compatible with All-4-Biz plans taken out from 14/10/2014.

You must not use the TIPT Service under the TIPT Complete Calling Plan Discount in a way that Telstra deems to be excessive or unreasonable. Under the TIPT Complete Calling Plan Discount, excessive use will be defined as more than 1,200 calls per month from a single service. To ensure that excessive use is not taking place, we may audit your use of the service from time to time.