Inbound Services

Make it easy for customers to find you

Provide your customers with a single memorable contact number to help advertise your business and extend your brand with Telstra inbound services.

Ensure that customers can easily make contact with services like Priority® One3 and Priority® 1300, FreeCall One8 and FreeCall 1800.

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Leverage the ease of recalling words over numbers - choose a PhoneWord based on your brand, service, or marketing position to incorporate into your advertising.

For more information,visit our partner and supplier 1300 Australia.

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Why Telstra

Trustworthy support

Get the support you need with intelligent call routing that can be based on time of day, geographic location or the available resources of your business - so your customers don’t have to wait.

Our experience and infrastructure

Our inbound services are managed by Telstra’s intelligent network, which can handle up to 550 Inbound calls/second, with 99.999% availability.

Intelligent call routing

Direct calls to the agent of your choice, in the location of your choice, so the optimum number of calls are answered. Let our network send your calls to the right location, saving your customer’s time and your business the cost of doing it manually with every call.

Nationwide reach

Increase the geographic presence of your business by allowing more customers from within Australia to reach you, for little to no charge to them.

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