Inbound Services

An easier way for customers to call you

Improve how customers call your business with secure and reliable 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers.

Key features

Simplify how customers connect with your business by using a 13,1300 or 1800 number. This allows callers to reach you using a single national number, that’s easier to remember. 

Features including routing and call handing help you route any caller to the location most convenient to them and gain better control over when and where you answer calls.  

13 and 1300 numbers allow customers to call your business from all phones in Australia for a fixed charge. A 1800 number is a free call for customers calling from a standard fixed line and most mobile services within Australia, where you pay the call costs.

13, 1300 and 1800 numbers 

Choose from a 13, 1300 or 1800 inbound number to help your customers reach you more easily and inexpensively from anywhere in Australia.

Intelligent call routing

Direct incoming calls to the right destination based on criteria that you specify, such as the caller’s location or the time and day of the call.

A reliable and scalable solution

Your inbound numbers are hosted in a highly resilient and scalable network platform. We reliably connect over 0.5 billion calls per year (based on statistics from 2018 to 2022) across our range of Inbound services.

Web-based reporting tool

Telstra Analyser Online provides full visibility of the effectiveness of specific campaigns and/or call traffic.

Online service management

A web-based portal provides greater flexibility, allowing you to implement changes to number call routing rules to suit your needs. 

Local activation & support

Local expertise for all your configuration needs and ongoing support via our helpdesk.


Improve customer experience

Give customers one easy to remember number. Optimise your routing to direct customer calls to the right person every time with minimal touchpoints.

Increase reach

Advertise your business nationally with a simple, easy-to-remember 13, 1300, or 1800 number.

Enable a hybrid workforce

Give your staff the flexibility to answer business calls anytime and anywhere, even on their mobile.

Improve business efficiency 

Flexible call routing features allow you to streamline call flows and send calls to the right locations for the calls to be answered.

Rapidly adapt to changes

Flexible services and a web-based management portal ensure you are always in control of when, where and how calls are answered, and you can adjust if your business or call volumes change.

Ensure business continuity

Safeguard your business against any outage by predetermining what happens to calls in planned or unplanned outages. 

Take your number with you

Changes to your business, whether you are relocating or growing your team won’t disrupt how your customers can contact you. Manage and route numbers as your circumstances change.

How it works?


13 numbers are short, easy-to-remember 6-digit numbers.

1300 XXX XXX

1300 numbers are 10-digit numbers that can be called from any fixed line or mobile service in Australia.

1800 XXX XXX

1800 numbers allow customers in Australia to call your business from any fixed line and most mobile services for free. 


Things you need to know

*Please refer to the FAQ or speak to your Telstra representative to understand if your service request is simple or complex

Frequently asked questions

If you need to activate a new Inbound number, or port to Telstra your existing Inbound number, and you just wish us to provide a service where we simply redirect your number to a mobile or fixed line number of choosing – then you need the Simple application form.

If you want to take advantage of advanced routing features, such as handling calls differently according to where the caller is calling from, call splaying, time and date based routing, or any of the add-on features (in the table below) – then you need the Complex application form.

Service Features Standard Add-On's**
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Area Code Manager  
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Mobile Manager – Manage calls based upon whether the caller is on a
mobile or not and which Australian state they are calling from
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Advanced Mobile Manager – Manage calls based upon which general
area within the Australian states they are calling from
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Time & Day Manager – Manage calls based upon the days of the
week, as well as time of day
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Calendar – Manage calls based upon specific dates that you can
configure for your call
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Public Holidays – Manage calls based upon public holidays in each
state of Australia
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Call Overflow – Nominate additional answering points to flow to for
no-answer or busy status of calls
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Local Area Manager – Manage fixed line (non-mobile) calls based
upon different Telstra exchange locations
Intelligent and adaptive call routing and overflow Postcode Manager ­– Manage fixed line (non-mobile) calls based upon
different postcode locations
Calling traffic allocation and redirection.
Caller prioritisation
Call splaying – Allows you to allocate, by the percentage of overall
calls, where you would like to send callers to your Inbound number
Calling traffic allocation and redirection.
Caller prioritisation
Traffic allocator – Allows you to manage and segment large volumes of
calls to your Inbound number by setting a concurrent call threshold for one or
more of your answer points. Once a threshold is reached, then alternate flows
will automatically initiate
Calling traffic allocation and redirection.
Caller prioritisation
Silver service – Nominate a list of specific CLIs (Calling Line
Identifiers) to be managed differently for your Inbound number. For example, if
you have VIP customers who are calling the same Inbound number as general
customers, you can filter these calls off to different answering points
Calling traffic allocation and redirection.
Caller prioritisation
Redirect – Allows you to provide an Emergency Redirect plan that will be
instigated in the event of circumstances that require an urgent change to your
call flows

It is possible to have your service provisioned to cater to this scenario. However, there are important factors to plan for such as, the country and international carrier of the phone call will apply their charging/call rates to the caller, and in some cases, the Inbound number may simply not work based upon the carrier handling the call in the relevant country. This can even vary between, for example, different mobile carriers in that country. For these reasons, we do not advise the use of your Inbound service for overseas callers.

The key aspects to consider are routing and configuration, as well as call volumes. You can leverage the features and functions of Telstra’s Inbound services to help create a better customer experience. For example, you may want to route callers to different areas of your contact centre based upon where they are calling from – to do this you need to configure your answer point numbers in your contact centre so that we can send callers to the right queue, based upon your origin based routing scenarios. Also, consider features such as Call Splaying and Traffic Allocator to prevent your contact centre queues from being overloaded with incoming calls – let us handle this for you in our scalable network solution.

Your Reports can be accessed within the Telstra Analyser online via the Your Telstra Tools (YTT).

YTT is a customer self-service portal ( - if you do not have an account already in Your Telstra Tools you can register here)

These are numbers that are specially designated by the ACMA as a smartnumber®. These numbers are considered to be of higher value in some way – for example, a number that ‘spells’ something (such as 13POND) or is a highly memorable number sequence, or desirable in some other way. PhoneWords have different extended rights of use (EROU) model which means that you need to arrange access to these numbers by either directly engaging through the ACMA to attain the rights of use, or using Telstra PhoneWords (for an additional rental fee) as a way to secure access to the number you wish to use.

If you are keen on a specific number, go to the Numbering System and see if the number is available. Even if it is already assigned to Telstra or another provider, it may actually still be available for you to use. So contact us and our experts will help connect this number for you if possible, or we can offer you alternate numbers from a selection we have available at all times.

Explore Inbound Services solutions


Leverage the ease of recalling words over numbers - choose a PhoneWord based on your brand, service, or marketing position to incorporate into your advertising. For more information, visit our partner and supplier 1300 Australia.

Why Telstra

Our experience and infrastructure

Our inbound services are managed by Telstra’s intelligent network, which can handle up to 550 Inbound calls/second, with 99.999% availability.

Trustworthy support

Telstra’s on-shore support team are available for ongoing support via our helpdesk.

Nationwide reach

Our national direct and channel partner network offers the expertise and support to assist with your inbound and telephony requirements.

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