Telstra Liberate

Take your office with you with Telstra Liberate

Telstra Liberate combines the best features of your desk phone and mobile, so you can get an office-like experience on the go. Boost productivity and address the challenges of fixed mobile convergence, even if your teams are mobile only.

Key features

Our solution keeps your corporate identity without needing to introduce new devices, and optimises the tools you already have in place while increasing functionality and features. Empower individuals, teams and call groups with true mobility. Unlike calling through an app or VOIP, intelligence within the Telstra network delivers unified communications functions and voice to the mobile phone natively. And, because mobile calls use the Telstra mobile network, you also benefit from better call quality than apps using data channels.

Select your caller ID

Display either your mobile or work number, or remain anonymous for outgoing calls. 

Call transfer

Transfer calls easily and directly from your mobile.

Personalise your Liberate Service

Define a personal time schedule to choose outgoing caller ID; incoming call routing and; which devices will ring.

Hunt Groups, Call Centres & Call Recording

Enable hunt groups and call centre across mobile agents. Enable call recording on mobile devices.

One combined voicemail

Your desk phone and mobile voicemails are combined into one mailbox.

Liberate companion app

Allows you to shift, transfer and add calls as well as giving you access to call settings.


Empower remote workers

Full office telephone functionality on mobiles, that would be traditionally found in an on-premise phone system.    

[Gianpaolo Carraro, Director, Global Applications, Telstra]: Liberate creates the convergence between our mobile network and our fixed network.

You have this dichotomy between “I need a business phone but I love my mobile phone.”

So what we’ve done is make your mobile phone act as your desk phone, so you don’t have to make a choice anymore.

You can do both functions on both devices.

Through Liberate, you can give each of your employees a mobile phone and when a customer calls your 03 number, your mobile phone will ring and vice versa, you can use your mobile phone to call back that customer and they will be seeing your main business line, as opposed to the offer number.

The test for difference is this is an Australian first.

We are known for our network, we are known for our mobiles. 

It’s been very flattering to see that now we’re going to be known for more and more things, and we’re going to delight our customers in more and more scenarios.

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Protect your Business Identity

Enable your workers to mask their personal mobile numbers and show your primary business number on their outgoing mobile calls.

[Paul Carpenter, Group Manager Hosted Telephony, Telstra Enterprise]: As employees want to use their mobiles more and more and they want to use them anytime, anywhere, anyplace. 

And as an employer, for employee satisfaction purposes you want to help them do that because it’s actually more productive as well.

The trouble on the flip side is that you hadn’t noticed that you were getting a loss of brand identity or brand recognition.

In that when they make the call from their mobile, the call is going out with their personal “04” number, not the long-established company number range, the “02”, whatever it is, the fixed geographic number, which is more trusted.

People tend to trust geographical numbers more than they do mobile numbers.

A fixed number implies a physical presence, a solid building, or some long-term, established number.

A lot of people don’t answer calls from 04 numbers that are not in their address book.

So, you go through this cycle of leaving a voicemail or leaving a text message before finally you agree to take someone’s call.

And so again, you’ve wasted a few minutes of productivity.

And again, the last thing we’ve noticed is an issue with adherence to corporate processes and procedures.

In that, if a customer rings an employee back on their mobile because they have that employee’s mobile number, they’ve just bypassed some of the things you’ve put in place to make sure the business adheres to processes. 

And that could be things like Call Recording or Call Analytics to count how many calls you’re getting for what particular line. 

So they’ve just around the back and circumvented everything you’ve put in place and gone directly to the employee, which again is another problem because that employee’s mobile battery could be flat, they could be on a holiday.

It ends up on their personal mobile.

They can’t transfer it back to anyone else in the business so they have to tell the customer to call back again, which is a risk, you may lose some business for that.

And the final risk, by the way, is that if the employee leaves the business, all of the calls are going directly to that employee’s mobile and they typically take the mobile number with them.

So, it’s their personal number.

The employees are actually using the mobiles at weekends and out-of-work hours.

So the mobile has actually become a dual-function device.

It’s your personal mobile but it’s also your business mobile.

We needed a way to try and separate the two.

"Telstra Liberate solves the problem of integration of fixed and mobile communications and allows business phone number to be displayed as the incoming call".

Dustin Kehoe, Head of Research Asia Pacific, GlobalData Sept 2017.

To find out how Telstra can help you overcome this challenge, learn about Liberate: giving your workers the best of the desk phone on their mobile device.

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Integrate with your business applications

Integrate your mobile with your business processes such as CRM, call recording, billing and other applications.

Better manage your incoming calls

Enable call centres and hunt groups across mobiles and ensure you can answer your business number when staff are remote.

Cost Control

Avoid call forwarding charges from your desk phone number to your mobile with Liberate.

How it works

Telstra Liberate places the mobile at the forefront, bringing office phone features to your mobile. It works in place of the desk phone, but uses the native call dialler of the mobile.

Outbound calls - Select the caller ID you show on outgoing calls to suit the situation. Call as your mobile number, work number or as anonymous.

Inbound calls - Receive incoming calls to your mobile number or work number. Adjust your incoming call settings with the Liberate companion app.

The way we work is changing.

People once tied to their phones are embracing new ways of working that demand more from their mobile devices.

But the crossover from desk phone to mobile hasn’t always been seamless.

Until now.

Introducing Liberate.

[Paul Carpenter, Group Manager Hosted Telephony, Telstra Enterprise]: Most people are now using their mobiles and users are generally shifting towards mobiles as their main means of communication.

And that means their personal brand is being presented when they make a call to their customers, for instance. 

We can solve the problem of the loss of corporate brand or corporate identity and put the fixed number back onto the mobile device to give you the best of both worlds.

It gives the employee what they want, so they can use any device, anytime, anywhere.

For the business, it means we put their corporate brand and identity back on the mobile.

We’ve essentially got a personal life and a business life switch on there. 

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference.

One number and simultaneous, Multi-Device Ring lets you pick up on the nearest phone. 

Liberate seamlessly integrates mobiles and desk phones to improve how your people work together and respond to customers.

And when your business needs to handle larger volumes of calls, they can now be answered by anyone of your team, no matter where they are, bringing the best of the desk phone to your mobile—an office-like experience when you’re mobile.

Having one voicemail account means that all your messages are saved and accessed in one place. 

No matter what industry your business is in, or whether your business is big or small, Liberate frees your people from their desks and empowers them to do more.

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Your office anywhere

See how your key office telephony features now work with your mobile, helping you to provide a consistent customer experience and improve business continuity – wherever your team is working.

Today’s teams are often reaching for a mobile device first. 

Whether in the office or working remotely, using a mobile for work calls is increasingly becoming the norm. 

With Liberate, your office telephony features now work with your mobile.

This helps you provide a consistent customer experience and improves business continuity.

Currently, what happens when your business number rings and there’s no one in the office to answer it?

With Liberate, you can incorporate mobile users into your work groups, ensuring your incoming calls are distributed to the right team members wherever they are.

The Liberate platform will even recognise when a user in on a call or unavailable and will only route calls to available users. 

Callers won’t get stopped leaving a voicemail.

When you do answer customer calls, you want to ensure the best customer experience possible.

So what do you do when a call lands on your mobile and needs to be transferred to another team member?

Liberate’s call transfer feature allows you to seamlessly transfer the customer to the right person.

While your customer is on hold, you can even play your own corporate messages.

With Liberate, you can also add on advanced features, such as Call Centre, Call Recording, CRM Integration, and Call Accounting, giving you the choice to replace your desk phones and go mobile-only.

Liberate gives you the best of your office phone on your mobile, so whether working in the office or remotely, you can ensure your teams have the tools they need to provide the best customer experience.

Discover how Liberate can help transform your business. 

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Call identity management

See how Telstra Liberate helps manage your communication and your brand.

Telstra’s Call Management solution helps improve communication flows and make your business more efficient.

With hybrid working, many employees are using their mobile phones for business calls. 

That’s why we developed Liberate, a solution to manage your employee’s identity when calling from their mobile phone.

With Liberate, employees calling from Telstra mobiles can choose to present either their mobile number or their business number to the person that they are calling. 

When your worker makes a call via their Telstra mobile, Liberate checks their stored preferences and shows either their business number or their mobile number depending on the day of the week or the time of day.

This gives your workers control of their mobile identity and allows them to separate their work and personal calls more easily, all on the same mobile phone. 

And the boosted efficiency creates more time for your employees to focus on what they do best, whilst projecting a more professional and consistent business image to their customers. 

It also encourages your customers to always call the business number to get the best service.

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Call steering

See how the moble call blocking and divert capability in Telstra Liberate gives your customers a better experience and improves your employee productivity.

Telstra’s Call Steering solution helps improve communication flows and make your business more efficient.

When one of your customers calls one of your frontline staff, like a technician in the field who has a Telstra mobile, a functionality called Liberate detects the call.

Liberate can send a push notification to your database to check if the customer’s mobile number is allowed to call the technician directly at this time.

Perhaps the call might not be permitted because your rostering blocks out dedicated hours for completing work, or the call is not from one of your premium customers.

If the call isn’t allowed at this time, you can redirect the call to another number like your call centre.

This can happen in real time before the technician’s mobile even rings.

A customer service rep answers the call and the customer doesn’t have to leave a voicemail or wait for a callback.

Your technician can carry on with their work without interruptions. 

A callback notification is sent to the technician’s calendar, so they can call back when convenient.

With Call Steering, you’re more in control of your communication flows. 

Give your customers a better experience with Telstra Call Steering today.

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CRM integration

See how everyday business applications can be integrated with mobile phone calls to build richer customer experiences using Telstra Liberate.

Telstra’s CRM Integration solution helps businesses match mobile phone calls in real time with customer contact information.

You can capture more customer interactions and give customers a better experience.

When one of your customers calls one of your frontline staff, like a technician in the field who has a Telstra mobile, a functionality called Liberate detects the call.

Liberate can talk to your CRM system by sending a push notification with both callers’ numbers.

The CRM then matches the customer and the technician’s number, and can then trigger the technician’s laptop to open the customer’s contact card.

When your technician answers the call, the customer’s contact card is already available on their laptop.

This allows the customer’s issue to be managed more quickly and efficiently.

Once the call is finished, the technician can quickly update the CRM before moving on to the next job.

So if one of your customer service reps calls the customer, they have all the latest information.

Your customer feels like they had a good experience. 

Discover how businesses across Australia are improving customer experience and communication flows with Telstra CRM Integration solution.

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Call recording

See how you can securely record and analyse incoming and outgoing calls across both your Telstra mobile and office phones.

Telstra Liberate with Call Recording gives you the ability to record and analyse incoming and outgoing calls across both your Telstra mobile and office phones.

When you make or receive a call across the Telstra network, the call takes place as per normal, whilst the Liberate functionality ensures all calls are securely recorded in the cloud.

This makes accessing recordings across your entire organisation so much easier.

You can manage your call recording settings from the Liberate app.

Choose to record all calls or enable recording on a call-by-call basis.

The platform can even play a message to alert the caller that the call is being recorded.

Call Recording is helpful when it comes to dispute resolution and identifying staff training needs.

It’s also often mandatory for compliance purposes.

Plus, trend analysis will identify commonly recurring words and phrases, as well as overall call sentiment, giving you an understanding of your customer satisfaction levels.

In today’s mobile-first world, Liberate with Call Recording allows you to capture your business calls, whether you are in the office or on the go.

Discover how Liberate can help transform your business.

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Centralised receptionist with Telstra Liberate

With miReception and Telstra Liberate, one or more receptionists can manage calls for multiple sites from a remote location, even on their mobiles.

Your receptionist often provides the first impression of your business to your customers, so it’s critical that they’re empowered with the right tools to provide the best customer experience no matter where they’re working.

With MiReception, your on-site staff no longer need to be tied up handling incoming calls. 

One or more receptionists can manage calls for multiple sites from a remote location, so even if you have sites around the country, all of your calls can be centrally handled.

For example, a call to your Perth office can be seamlessly answered by a receptionist in Sydney, who can then put the call through the relevant department in Perth.

As calls come in, your receptionist can see the site and number the call dialled.

This allows your receptionist to answer the call accordingly using the relevant location or company name.

Call Presence helps ensure your callers are connected to the right people the first time. 

Receptionists can see who is available before they put a call through, and reduce calls that are missed or land on voicemails.

MiReception with Liberate gives your receptionist the flexibility to answer calls on their mobile phone, ensuring all your customer calls are answered.

MiReception helps you improve productivity of your team by centrally managing your incoming calls and provides the right tools to deliver the best customer experience no matter where they’re working.

Discover how Liberate can transform your business.

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Automatic timesheeting with Telstra Liberate

With Telstra Liberate, automatically capture and log all of your landline and mobile calls to help you bill your clients and not miss out on any revenue opportunities.

Capturing your incoming and outgoing calls and logging them so that you can accurately charge your customers doesn’t have to be manual.

Maybe you’re already automating this across your desk phones, but that means you’re only getting part of the picture.

As hybrid working becomes the new normal, you need to capture and record the increasing number of mobile phone calls that are taking place with your customers.

For service professionals that charge billable hours, such as accountants, lawyers, and consultants, capturing mobile calls is simple with Liberate.

Telstra Liberate ensures your calls are captured in real-time, whether you’re out and about on a mobile phone or in the office, taking calls at a desk.

Call data is automatically matched to the customer, allowing you to accurately bill for your time, in turn increasing revenue and accuracy across your business.

With Liberate, your people have the flexibility to work from anywhere, and you have the confidence to know that all their calls are being billed. 

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Which Liberate service is for you?

Choose between Liberate Mobile, Liberate Premium on TIPT or Liberate Unified for SIP Connect.

Features Liberate Mobile Liberate Premium on TIPT Liberate Unified
(SIP Connect)
Desk Phone Option No Yes Yes
Softphone Included No Yes No
Multi-Device Ring No Yes Yes
Shift Calls No Yes Yes
Hunt Groups Included Yes Yes No
Call Centre Option Yes Yes No
Corporate Music on Hold Yes Yes No

More about Telstra Liberate

More case studies

Case study

How Surf Life Saving NSW are using Telstra Liberate

Surf Life Saving New South Wales use Telstra Liberate in their State Operations Centre to facilitate their overnight operation.

[Hanna Clare, NSW State Duty Officer, Surf Life Saving NSW]: With Surf Lifesaving New South Wales taking up the Liberate and TIPT apps, it's guaranteed that all our phones will be answered and that you will always speak to a member of the State Operations Centre through the Hunt Groups that have been created.

[Matthew Ingersole, Chief Information Officer, Surf Life Saving NSW]: The key features that we use in Liberate is the ability for the users to be able to choose where they're going to receive the calls, on which device they're going to receive it on.

So you could receive it on your mobile, you could receive it on your desk phone, or you could receive it on your laptop.

Our overnight operators who are required to take calls that we want to call record, all of their phones are Liberated so that we can facilitate that call recording in the cloud. 

When Surf Life Saving New South Wales goes to remote operations as of seven PM.

The Liberate and TIPT technology allow us to act as if we were in the office.

The call recording is the same, the transcription is the same, and the call diversion surety that all calls will be answered is the same.

With Liberate, we're able to see who is calling us and able to distinguish the priority of the call that is coming through. 

We're able to tell whether it's an internal call, a call from a member of the public, or if it's a call from another emergency service, requesting our assistance for an ongoing emergency.

Liberate is great because it allows you to not only manage your desk phone calls, but also to be able to set things like time of day calling rules.

[Kelly Nicol, IT and Telephony Systems Administrator, Surf Life Saving NSW]: From nine till five, if someone calls your desk phone, it can come through to your mobile, but then after five o'clock, yeah, it can be set, so if someone calls your landline, it doesn't come through to your mobile, but if they call your mobile, it still comes through to you.

What Liberate and TIPT has really enabled our staff to do is to be able to work effectively from home as if they were in the office. 

Through all of this technology that we've implemented, we've enabled our staff to work very flexibly in a way that benefits them or is good for them.

There are no other solutions that are similar to Liberate, effectively.

You can have multiple phone lines on your phone, but none integrate your desk phone and your mobile phone together in the same way that Liberate does.

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Case study

Telstra Liberate: A demonstration based on customer examples

Learn how Liberate can work for your organisation by seeing the features demonstrated in a live environment.


Testimonials for Telstra Liberate


“Enabling Telstra Liberate on the devices was fairly easy through the self-managed portal, as was adding users. Mitimes and Telstra Liberate with Telstra eSIM works great for firms as it supports using a second corporate number from the same device along with their mobile number. For a firm with a small team, Telstra Liberate offers a more professional outlook with a corporate landline number.”

Kirsten Rillo, Chief Executive Officer

WISE Employment

“Liberate is a great product, a world-leading product. That unification of mobile and landline allowing us to keep our corporate identity, but still allowing our staff to have a mobile number that they're known as amongst friends. Being able to move them within our organisation linking a landline to their mobile as they move into new roles is a great advantage. Otherwise, managing those assets can be a nightmare.”

Mick Havill, Chief Information Officer


“Telstra's Liberate solution helps to overcome several challenges in integrating UC&C and mobility solutions which overcomes some pain points faced by enterprises. Telstra Liberate solves the problem of integration of fixed and mobile communications and allows the business phone number to be displayed as the incoming call.”

Dustin Kehoe, Head of Research Asia Pacific


“Telstra launched its new Liberate service, adding some much-needed simplicity to deal with the complexity of enterprise mobility. Telstra’s Liberate solution focuses on a simple but highly functional user experience. Liberate integrates a variety of facilities that a customer would normally expect from an in-house phone system.”

Kevin Noonan, Chief Analyst


Liberate help and support

Get help and support for your Liberate service with our self service portal, user guides and information on how to set up and use your service.

Why Telstra

Only Telstra

Telstra is the first company in Australia to natively integrate desk phones and mobiles in a single network solution.

Reliable, high quality performance through the Telstra network

Consistently high-quality collaboration experiences underpinned by our Next IP network and Australia’s largest mobile network.

Keep up with the latest innovation

Our accredited team and award-winning industry partners invest in innovation to make sure you benefit from the latest thinking.


Dubber Call Recording and Insights

Call recording across your softphones, desk phones and Telstra Liberated mobiles can help provide better compliance, CX, dispute resolution, training, and productivity.

Getting started

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Things you need to know

  • Liberate companion app: The free companion app for Liberate can be downloaded on iPhone and Android mobile devices. 
  • Liberate Premium on TIPT: When Liberate Premium on TIPT is enabled on a mobile service, all domestic calls (local, standard and mobile calls) from the mobile in Australia will be included; International calls will be charged based on the fixed service (TIPT) calling rates. The mobile service will not be eligible for international call (IDD) add-ons.
  • Liberate Unified: When Liberate Unified is enabled on a mobile service, all calls from the mobile in Australia will be charged based on the fixed service (TIPT or SIP Connect) calling rates. The mobile service will not be eligible for international call (IDD) add-ons. 
  • Liberate Mobile: All calls on Liberate Mobile will be charged to the mobile service and mobile call plan, add-ons, and eligibility will still apply.
  • Using Liberate outside Australia: While roaming: 1) Liberate functionality works for incoming calls, but not for outgoing calls; 2) Your mobile plan’s inclusions, charges, and eligibility to add-ons for international roaming apply unchanged.

For more information on eligibility and restrictions, please contact a Telstra representative.