Help and support for Liberate

Get help and support for your Liberate service with our self service portal, user guides and information on how to set up and use your service

Setting up Liberate


Liberate Self Service Portal user guide

Add, remove and manage your Liberate users following these easy steps.


Liberate Self Service Portal

Login to the portal and manage your users in near real time.

Using Liberate

Liberate Companion App user guide

This guide details how you can Manage calls, automate forwarding, select preferred devices and customise call settings for work and non-work hours with the Liberate Companion App

Liberate Companion App

Download the app and get started with Liberate.

TIPT Support


Telstra Enterprise TIPT help and support

Get help and support for your TIPT services with our self-service portals, guides and information to help you manage your services.

Help and support

Liberate 24/7 help desk

For technical problems or faults, you can contact the Liberate Help desk 24/7, or email us or get the answers to your questions.