Dubber Call Recording and Insights

Unlock the potential in every conversation

Call recording across your softphones, desk phones and Telstra Liberated mobiles can help provide better compliance, CX, dispute resolution, training, and productivity.

Key features

In the cloud and natively integrated

Cloud-based and natively integrated with TIPT, Liberate, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and more. 

Simple monthly charge, turn on with a click

Low monthly subscription and instantly provisioned in the cloud.

Recordings at your fingertips

Instantly search and replay any conversation on your phone or from your browser. 

Unlimited storage

Scalable in the cloud without the limits of legacy call recording - no hardware or services needed. 

All your recordings in one place

Capture and unify every call from desk phones, soft phones and Liberated mobiles into one easily accessible platform. 

AI powered insights on every conversation

Real-time sentiment analysis, transcriptions, and alerts on every conversation.  

Compliant and secure

Secure compliance recording, storage and management. 

Easily integrate recordings & data with CRM, Reports and Dashboards

Open APIs & data exporter means easy integration with CRMs, Salesforce, Power BI, Tableau, Cognos and more. 


Proactive compliance

Meet regulatory mandates with compliance recording of every conversation. Evidence for regulatory requests and investigations.  

Improve customer experience. Reduce churn

Deep customer insights with sentiment analysis on every conversation. Instant notifications on unhappy customers. Automate customer satisfaction reporting. 

Reduce costly customer disputes

See what was agreed, ordered or requested with instant access to every recording and transcription for effective dispute resolution. 

Better sales & service performance

Target performance improvements in real time and coach based on what was actually said. 

Turbocharge Productivity

Eliminate inaccurate and manual note taking. Capture conversations and automatically attach them to customer records in Salesforce. 

How it works

Step 1

Pick your Dubber plan based on the number of users and features you need.

Step 2

We’ll connect your number or application to Dubber. No hardware or services needed.

Step 3

Choose what you want recorded and manage your team in the portal.

Step 4

Conversations are recorded, and AI analyses calls to deliver real-time transcriptions, sentiment insights and notifications. 

Step 5

Calls and data are stored in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud. Search and see insights and more in the Dubber app or web console.

Step 6

Use the Dubber API to enable simple and seamless custom integrations and connect data to your business applications.

Dubber helps businesses of all sizes uncover critical insights from every conversation

How Surf Life Saving NSW use Dubber Call Recording in their State Operations Centre

Using Dubber Call Recording, the team at Surf Life Saving NSW’s State Operation Centre can automatically record calls, view sentiment analysis on these calls and take advantage of AI transcription. The solution natively integrates with both TIPT and Liberate, which enables them to record calls across their desk phones, soft phones and Liberated mobiles.

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Surf Life Saving New South Wales is the peak body for coastal rescue and incident management in New South Wales.

We chose the Dubber Call Recording platform because it natively integrates with TIPT inside the Telstra ecosystem. So that means that we don't have to have infrastructure specifically in place within our offices to be able to facilitate that call recording. It's all done within the Telstra Cloud itself. 

The Dubber Call Recording also has a sentiment aspect to it as well, which allows you to kind of see whether the call is, you know, it's a kind of a red face, a yellow face, or a green face.

When our operators are really busy, and they're under the pump, that feature of Dubber, even just recording what time the calls came in, is really valuable to reconstructing that incident in the after action report.

Using Dubber Call Recording, we can get an automatic transcription of the call. So this saves the State Operations Centre hours of time of manually having to write in the fields into SurfCom.

The Dubber transcription service is fantastic for our staff. It allows us to go back and review the recordings simultaneously, whilst tasking a response to an incident. It also allows our staff members to conduct appropriate after-incident reviews to see as an organisation what we can improve on as required.

That transcription service, it's significant. Normally they would go back and they would replay a call and they'd type it out, pause it, type it out, pause it, type it out, pause it. Now they can just copy and paste the whole chunk of the text straight into the incident management system.

That's a really, really big game changer from a productivity perspective for the operators.

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Devonport City Council gets instant customer satisfaction insights

Devonport City Council uses Dubber to understand customer satisfaction at its call centre with real-time sentiment ratings of every call.



Surf Life Saving NSW logo

Surf Life Saving NSW

“Dubber improves our response speed. It frees up the operators to focus on the rescue, helps us prepare evidence for coronial enquiries and improves reporting accuracy. Together these make us more professional as an organisation and an emergency service.” 

-Matthew Ingersole, Chief Information Officer, Surf Life Saving NSW

Devonport City Council logo

Devonport City Council

“Dubber has been the next level for customer service performance, and we now have more structure in our training. Dubber is filling in the gaps in knowledge.”

Danielle Harvey, Customer Services Coordinator, Devonport City Council

Rubicon 8 logo

Rubicon 8

“Our use of Dubber is all about customer retention. That means providing customers with a level of service that goes above and beyond. If you don't do a good job of that, you won't grow.”

Pat Bombardieri, General Manager, Rubicon 8 

NT Recycling Solutions logo

NT Recycling Solutions

“Our business is based on time, so mistakes are costly. Dubber saves us $1000 per week. We can verify what customers ordered and reduce errors in bookings.”

Dean Caton, General Manager, NT Recycling Solutions

Accreditations and Partnerships

Microsoft Teams

Dubber is a fully certified compliance call recording solution for Microsoft Teams. ensuring customers can stay compliant and meet their call recording obligations. 


Dubber is Cisco BroadCloud’s exclusive call recording partner, certified and fully integrated with Webex Calling, Webex Meetings, UCM Cloud, CUCM and HCS.


Dubber is a Select Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Our partnership with AWS enables customers to benefit from best of breed compute, storage, and AI. 


Dubber partners with Google to offer additional speech-to-text machine learning capabilities complementing our advanced transcription engines. 

ISO Certified

Dubber is ISO 27001 certified ensuring the highest levels of security, compliance and data protection for customers. 

Why Telstra

Native integrations

Dubber natively integrates with the TIPT, Liberate, TCO and Webex Solutions

One bill for your solutions

Unify your solutions onto your single Telstra bill

Keep up with the latest innovation

Our accredited team and award-winning industry partners invest in innovation to make sure you benefit from the latest thinking.

Getting started

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