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Collaboration consulting & managed services

Ready to rethink work?

Whether you want to improve collaboration or transform work styles, we can help you unite technology, workplace and people strategies in one plan.

Your roadmap to success

With tools that just work and are a natural part of your people's work day, there's no limit to what your team can achieve. That's the philosophy of our vast team of specialists.

They'll define your version of success, assess your needs and guide you on your collaboration journey to make sure your team gets the most out of your collaboration experiences.

Getting started

Let your team take back control of their day, give them the tools they need for success.

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Our services

We can tailor a solution to suit you.


consulting and managed services vision


We'll define and articulate what success means to your organisation. Let's work together to develop a strategy aligned to your business goals and operations.

  • Roadmap & strategy
  • Define use cases & user personas
  • Readiness assessment of network, sites & environment
  • Architecture & design
  • Change management


We can help you deploy your collaboration solutions to maximise value, including training teams in new tools and work styles.

  • Installation, deployment & configuration
  • Integration
  • Training & onboarding


Leave it to us to manage day-to-day operations backed by our 24x7x365 service desk. We’ll also work with you on continual improvement and innovation. 

  • Fully managed services & monitoring
  • Measurement &  continuous service improvement
  • Ongoing innovation, like app development and next generation solution design


Making it happen

How Telstra got collaboration right

What's Future Ways of Working all about at Telstra? We created a pilot floor where we took all the theories about how people work and tested it on the best people we could find: our own. Then we enabled the collaboration experiences they needed and set them loose to do big things. And we can do the same for your team – just ask.

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Future Ways of Working

Give your people flexibility to work where and when they want.


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