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A better way to secure and empower your business.

Organisations in every sector have security and monitoring challenges, but we understand that your business has unique needs. Situational awareness from monitoring events, securing access and an ability to respond in real time is essential to managing risk. Reliability is vital, especially as technology evolves. For example, as the nbn™ network rolls out and IP security devices become more connected.

Go beyond safety and loss prevention

Focus on your core business with the confidence that our integrated monitoring and security solutions will help keep your people, places and assets secure. Mitigate incidents quickly with 24/7 alarm monitoring and tailored response procedures. Easily monitor and respond to events with live and remote access to surveillance feed, access control systems and analytics. Transform your business operations by using a network of advanced video assets and the latest analytics software. Gain valuable business insights from large security data sets to help optimise your customer experience and drive operational improvements.

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Rely on our extensive wired and wireless network bundled with our security alarm and telemetry data transmission solutions

Telstra Remote Telemetry

Manage and monitor asset data from multiple remote locations securely and reliably using dual path technology.

Telstra Secure

Protect and monitor alarm signal data with dual path access to Telstra’s network over Telstra Secure VPN.


A prioritised PSTN-based routing service that delivers alarm communication between alarm systems and the monitoring control room.

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Keep your people, assets and premises safe

Business Protect

Make sure your business is nbn™ ready by having the right alarm monitoring solution to help keep your assets and premises safe.

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Harness the power of IP surveillance plus intelligent monitoring


Enjoy a new standard of security with tailored, integrated solutions that grow with your business.

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Let us fully manage your end-to-end tailored advanced electronic and physical security solutions to secure and empower your business

We can tailor and manage your advanced electronic and physical security solutions end-to-end to secure and empower your business. Our cloud enabled, fully managed security services span your connectivity and commercial requirements, delivered across Telstra’s superior network. We partner with some of the best in the industry to ensure cutting-edge technology, ongoing innovation, and a world class capability.

Managed Video Surveillance

Let Telstra manage your video surveillance end to end with a fully scalable networked solution, and access valuable business intelligence from advanced video analytics.

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