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Taking network capability to new heights.

Our far-reaching high-capacity network is designed to respond quickly to your business needs.

The foundation of business

Whether fixed or mobile, private or public, your network connects your people, resources, products, services and customers. That makes it as fundamental to the success of your business as the products and services you create.

Your business needs a network that enables you to seize opportunities quickly in both local and global markets, while maximising resources.

Telstra’s Dynamic Network is designed to respond rapidly to your business needs. You can scale bandwidth in real-time to support business performance. Extend your reach. Or consolidate network services for efficiency.

Plus, with connectivity, managed services and security from a single, trusted provider, you can free your business and focus on what you do best.


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Our customers

South Australian Health - Managed health

Our solution for SA Health allows health professionals to access centralised records at the patient's bedside, improving patient experience, staff efficiency and accuracy.



Sundale uses Telstra’s Next IP® and Next G® network to reliably and securely access and store critical.


Australian Paralympic Committee

Telstra’s Riverbed solution relieved existing bandwidth pressure, while increasing the speed and boosting performance.


IP VPN Solutions

This enables employees to interact with each other as though they were in the same building.


Satellite services

Communicate reliably with remote workforces anywhere in Australia


Application Assured Networking

Use network-centric assurance to optimise your network and ensure applications perform at peak.


Cloud gateway

For businesses that need to simply and securely connect to multiple cloud environments.



Improve performance and optimize operations across your wide area network with software-defined solutions.


Telstra Programmable Network

A new kind of network that will adapt in real time, offer a new level of control and flexibility and evolve to suit your business.


Ethernet & optical

Ideal if you require cost-effective, dedicated high-bandwidth optical services to run critical applications.


National Ethernet

High speed Ethernet anywhere in Australia

Internet services

This network solution provides a high-performance and commercial-grade connection through the public internet.


nbn services

Complete, integrated ICT solutions to harness the promise of Australia’s new broadband network.


Special services

Make the transition to available alternative solutions ahead of the withdrawal and disconnection of complex Special Services.


Transforming business through nbn

Telstra must now start progressively withdrawing and disconnecting some of its advanced or complex services that the new nbn product capabilities will replace. As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you make a transition to available alternative solutions, help your business plan, prepare for and identify ways to maximise benefits from the nbn opportunity.


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Transforming business through nbn

Other information

Telstra Internet Direct data sheet

Telstra Internet Direct is a secure, high-performance internet service with exceptional availability and scalability.

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Application Assured Networking video

Telstra is the first carrier to imbed application performance reporting, and bandwidth control at an application level.

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Transition: IPv4 to IPv6 whitepaper

An overview of the new internet addressing protocol, its implications for business and government, and Telstra’s approach.

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