Telstra Business Broadband on nbn™

A connection you can rely on, for businesses that don’t take a day off

Telstra Business Broadband on nbn™ network is more than just an internet connection delivered over the nbn™ network.

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Key features

Get the flexibility to choose from a range of premium extra add ons to tailor your broadband service as per your business needs and online strategy, making Telstra Business Broadband on nbn™ network a true platform your business can use, combining robust networks and services with features that support your business.

Static IP

Includes a single static IPv4 address and one IPv6/56 static IP address range, , with the option to purchase more IPv4 addresses.

nbn™ network speed options

A range of speed options that meet your business needs.

Premium connectivity packages

Prioritise your TC2 data traffic with an overflow to TC4 with our Premium Connectivity Packages.

Mobile broadband backup

Enjoy mobile broadband backup included with a Telstra supplied modem on your service and switch over to the Telstra Mobile Network in case of an outage.


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Month to month term

Enjoy control and flexibility with our no lock in contract, month to month terms.

Extras for business sip

Priority voice services

Voice priority for up to 50 Telstra SIP lines with our Voice Priority Additional Packs. This feature allocates your voice services to TC2 and steers other traffic to the available underlying TC4.

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24x7 assurance support

Get help when you need it with 24X7 assurance support as we understand that your business never takes a day off.

Premium Connectivity Packages

Upgrade to a prioritised connection with a Dedicated Data Pack or a Voice Priority Pack for your Business SIP voice services, video and other business-critical apps.

Here are a few ways our Premium Connectivity Packages can help improve productivity:


Having the right set of connectivity, call management and collaboration solutions from the one RSP is a saving in itself. But it’s the hidden costs like a lack of bandwidth that bites hard when staff numbers increase.

Improved communication

Get high quality connectivity for video or voice conferencing, workforce management, customer relations and more.

Business continuity

Power on Working - When you order an Additional Pack with a Telstra Business Mid-market Cisco Router it will be sent to you with an active 4G SIM card. This 4G SIM card performs 2 functions. Prior to your fixed Telstra Business Broadband service being connected you can plug your Cisco device into power and utilise the 4G internet connection until your fixed line is installed. This comes at no additional cost. Once the fixed line service is installed the working 4G SIM service will revert to being the 4G Backup service.

Telstra Business Broadband plans on the nbn™ network

Telstra Business Broadband on nbn™ is more than a high-speed internet connection delivered over the nbn network. It’s a true business-grade platform, combining robust networks and services with dedicated business features and support.

Choose from a range of additional packs to give you the flexibility to tailor your broadband service to your business needs and online strategy.

Monthly cost


Monthly usage


Plan term

Month to month

Minimum cost


No regrets policy

Our no regrets policy lets you swap Telstra Business Broadband plan sizes once per month, as your  needs change, with no Early Termination Charge (ETC) for changing plans.

Standard Professional Installation



$99 activation fee

nbn™ New Development Charge

If you’re in a new development and not already connected to the nbn network, nbn co may charge

$300 to connect your premises to the nbn network. If applicable, we will bill that charge to you.

Telstra Business  Smart Modem™

Included at no extra cost when taking up a Telstra Business Broadband service and migrating to  the nbn network.

Static IP

Includes a single static IPv4 address and one IPv6/56 static IP address range.

nbn™ Speed Add-ons

Monthly cost of speed  add on is additional to the

monthly cost of your Stan-  dard or Ultimate plan and  may change if your month-  to-month add on price changes.

Standard Plus (nbn50/20)

50Mbps typical download  and 17Mbps typical upload

speeds (9am - 5pm weekdays)  (not available to most FTTN  customers). Not available on  Fixed Wireless.

Premium (nbn100/40)

100Mbps typical download  and 32Mbps typical upload  speeds between 9am and 5pm  weekdays (not available to  most FTTN customers) + $30/mth in addition to your chosen  plan charges. FTTP, HFC and  FTTC customers only.

Superfast (nbn250/25)

230Mbps typical download and  20Mbps typical upload speeds  (9am - 5pm weekdays) + $40/  mth in addition to your chosen  plan charges. FTTP and most  HFC customers.

Ultrafast  (nbn1000/50)

700Mbps typical  download and 40Mbps  typical upload speeds  (9am - 5pm weekdays)

+ $80/mth in addition  to your chosen plan  charges. FTTP and  some HFC customers.

Premium Plus  (nbn250/100)

230Mbps typical  download and 80Mbps  typical upload speeds  (9am - 5pm weekdays)

+ $120/mth in addition  to your chosen

plan charges. FTTP  customers only.x

Ultra Speed  (nbn500/200)

230Mbps typical  download and 90Mbps  typical upload speeds  (9am - 5pm weekdays)

+ $235/mth in addition  to your chosen

plan charges. FTTP  customers only.



Typical busy period speeds for the new nbn tiers Superfast, Ultrafast, Premium Plus, Ultra and  Ultra Plus are an estimate only. We may not have sufficient data yet to calculate the typical busy  period speed of these add ons. Your actual speed may be lower due to your in-premises set-up and how the internet is used in your office. Actual speeds confirmed after connection. For more  information on nbn speeds, please see the Key Fact Sheet at

Mobile broadband backup

You will need the Telstra Business Smart Modem™ (included) or Telstra Business Mid-Market Router (to enable various additional packs) to enjoy the full benefits of the Telstra Business  Broadband plan, in particular the mobile broadband backup service. If there is an outage of the fixed broadband service, you will automatically connect and have access to the internet via the Telstra Mobile Network. Mobile broadband backup is only available with these devices.

Alternatively, you may BYO alternative modem that is configured to work with your service, however  the mobile broadband backup will not be included.

Why Telstra

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Reliable, high-quality performance

With dual access to each nbn™ network POI and our network capabilities, we’re well-positioned to offer robust performance and resiliency to your business.

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Solutions to enable your business growth

Telstra’s extensive portfolio of products and solutions that can be accessed over the nbn™ network provide industry-leading, robustly engineered services developed to exceed your requirements - helping set you up for success today and into the future.

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Network expertise to meet your needs

Telstra has a proven track record of provisioning services over nbn™ network for enterprises of all sizes across industries, including thousands of sites for major retailers across Australia, assuring reliable and high-quality performance throughout.

Things you need to know