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In a hyper-connected world that demands more data, the old networks just won’t cut it.

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The business landscape is evolving fast - with both businesses and their customers demanding faster speeds and bigger amounts of data traffic more than ever. Nearly 88% of Australian businesses¹ reported that high-speed internet access is critical to their operations. This is why we’re building our networks to adapt to your demands today and into the future, with more options, capability, and flexibility to help your business thrive. Security, resiliency, and privacy remain the cornerstone of Telstra Networks. Building on these foundational capabilities with innovative technologies, we’re well-positioned to enable you to thrive in a future that’s rapidly changing and filled with endless business opportunities.

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Telstra Internet Direct

Run business-critical applications, and provide an ultra-reliable, consistent experience to your customers with a secure and scalable, high-performing internet powered by one of Australia’s largest internet backbone.

Telstra Internet Direct Lite

Enable your business to thrive in a connected world with secure, scalable, and cost effective symmetrical connectivity available exclusively over Telstra Fibre.

Telstra Business Broadband

A flexible and affordable business-grade internet solution delivered over the nbn™ that enables robust networks with dedicated premium business features and support for Enterprise customers.

Positioned as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape Asia-Pacific Next-Generation Telecom Services 2020 study

Our enterprise offerings underpinned by global connectivity and platforms portfolio propel us into the lead segment in the region.


Of fibre networks Australia’s largest fully integrated Fixed and Wireless IP network.


of data is transmitted through our networks every day.


fault logging helpdesk support for customers

What top analyst firms say about Telstra Internet Solutions

Telstra is the largest telecoms company in Australia, providing services to residential, small and medium businesses, enterprises, and government bodies. What is less known is that they carry one-third of all internet traffic in Asia. Their internal capability (300 security staff) secures Telstra’s systems, infrastructure, and network.

Omdia, 2019

GlobalData's WAN Services Australia Market Analysis 2020

Discover how our strong managed network services portfolio and expanding security practice that fortifies our WAN offerings put Telstra right at the top of GlobalData's WAN leaderboard

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Software-Defined and Managed Networks

Power your organisation with networks solutions that deliver control, flexibility and security.


Private Networks

High-speed, reliable and secure fibre access with global reach through the Telstra Next IP® network.

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Bringing high-speed internet to SA schools

We've had fantastic support from Telstra and the education department, really working with us to understand our needs and minimise the disruption involved. So it's been a very supportive process for us.

Rae Taggart, Principal at Glenelg Primary School

A platform for McDonald’s future growth and innovation

Telstra has a scale to match a business of our size. Everywhere we are, Telstra can be.

Scott Green, Chief Information Officer, McDonalds Australia


[Title] McDonald’s. A reliable network for the future innovation and growth.

JENNI DILL (Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s Australia): I think innovation has always been part of McDonald's history and legacy really. We never rest on our laurels, we're never just going to take things for granted, we're always going to be searching for and striving for the better experience, the better business results. So we need big data and big data capability to help us do that. We need the speed that goes with it, we need the flexibility that goes with it, and most of all we need the capability that goes with it.

SCOTT GREEN (Chief Information Officer, McDonald’s Australia): At the heart of the solution is a fibre network that will run everything in our restaurant, and allows us to do our voice through TIPT, and runs all our critical back-of-house functions as well. We started out with TelstraAir to make sure that we could offer our customers great fast Wi-Fi in our restaurants. Off the back of that we're able to work with Telstra to build our two other connections that run our back-office functions.

MARK HALFORD (Licensee, McDonald’s Australia): The benefits of the new Telstra fibre is it helps us build our business. We use the network technology across all our platforms, from customer facing products such as digital menu boards, through to crew training applications, through devices that where we order food and paper into our business. The new fibre network not only increases dwell time for our customers, but it attracts new customers to our business because they can experience a high speed that we have to offer. It future proves us and no matter what technologies come along, this new foundation will allow us to adopt those new technologies.

SCOTT: Telstra has a scale to match a business of our size, everywhere we are Telstra can be, and we need a partner who could support us in rolling out such a large-scale network across 850 locations. Someone who could structure the deal in a commercial sense, which have been able to do, but not only that someone is known for running good reliable networks right across the country, and Telstra has certainly been able to do that and has supported us very well.

JENNI: We chose Telstra for their size and scale and their ability to partner with us, but more importantly gives us an amazing platform for future growth and future innovation. So I think really the best is yet to come when it comes to the partnership between Telstra and McDonald’s.

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1 ABS: 8167.0 – Business Use of Information Technology, 2018-19