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Do more together, faster.

With the right applications, your team can power through any to do list, multitasking easily on their device of the moment.

Let your team loose

Today's teams don’t sit at desks. They're on the move – brainstorming, presenting, investigating and selling. And with tools that work across distance and device, they're dynamos everywhere they choose to work.

Create a contemporary workspace with cloud-based, mobile-first apps that match new work styles. Teams can switch easily between collaboration experiences – and with smart subscription plans you can tailor a toolset to every team.

Getting started

Equip your workforce with the applications they require to get their projects done, no matter where they are.

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Our solutions

Cisco Webex Teams

Work in virtual space, in real time, using a single app.


Take your office with you wherever you go with the best features of desk phones on mobiles and seamless switching across devices.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Build a modern workplace with Microsoft Office, Windows and enhanced security, all in one brilliant package.

Office 365 Enterprise

Give the right tools to every team with your choice of the latest Microsoft apps delivered via the cloud.


Build a face-to-face culture with HD video meetings in the cloud anywhere you have adequate internet connectivity.

Communications recording

Get a better picture of your customers by capturing calls, messages and using analytics for compliance or insight.



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Making it happen

One brilliant collaboration experience

Nikon is using Telstra Calling with Office 365 to rationalise collaboration applications into one streamlined toolset that’s easy for teams to use while reducing IT costs.

Collaborating at the coalface

Telstra helped Coal Services improve safety for miners with an efficient new platform that allows miners to make intuitive calls and group calls on compatible devices using Office apps.


Learn more about collaboration

Decentralised success

Fast-growing companies use collaboration strategically to stay ahead – can you do the same?

From collaboration grows opportunity

How to create a team of collaborators who can innovate their way through disruption.

Working, fast and slow

We took insights from Kahneman and Tversky’s bestselling 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' and applied them to the workplace. The upshot? Collaboration tools are central to helping teams be more effective.


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Meeting experiences

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Modern collaboration

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Consulting & managed services

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