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Telstra Managed Security Services

Think of all the ways your operations touch the outside world. Each touch point is an invitation and an opportunity for cyber criminals. A more agile and intelligent approach to cyber-security is essential. And that’s exactly what Telstra’s suite of Managed Security Services provides. They’re underpinned by a completely new, open source cyber-security platform and managed in our Security Operations Centre.

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Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring feeds event data from multiple sources across your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. With 24/7 visibility and actionable reports in plain English, you can gain deeper understanding of your risk status and clearer paths for mitigation.

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Our capabilities

Consulting services


Expert resources to help you understand, manage and mitigate risk.

Professional services


Guidance and technical design to ensure fit-for-purpose solutions built to meet your business needs.

Managed solutions


Safeguarding your assets with our extensive range of managed solutions.

Intelligence and analytics


Know your adversary with deep insights into the threat landscape.

Incident response

Concerned about a potential security breach or want to understand your business’s risk potential?

Cyber-security health check

Our security consultants will advise your business on your current security, your exposure to threats, and the steps you can take to improve.

Berin Lautenbach,
Chief Information Security Officer, APAC, Telstra

Refer to Telstra Exchange for the latest articles and insights into Security.

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