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Manage your connected assets

We offer a comprehensive range of tools to help build and support your IoT
and M2M solution.

Make life easier with Telstra IoT

Whether it’s helping you to build an IoT or M2M solution or giving you tools to make managing your IoT devices and services easier, we’re a trusted provider with a strong track record of delivering results.

Our cloud based IoT platform enables you to better manage your IoT devices and integrate them with back-end applications. For any business-specific needs we have IoT partners with broad industry expertise that can develop customised IoT solutions.

Your IoT and M2M SIM fleet management can also be automated through our cloud based M2M Control Centre and integrated with our IoT Platform for seamless management of your IoT devices and SIM’s.

Plus you have the option of additional security via a Virtual Private Network for your M2M solutions.


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SIM subscription management

Use our cloud-based M2M Control Centre portal to manage your SIMs, data, voice and SMS subscriptions.

IoT Platform

Our IoT Platform is an easy-to-use cloud enabled device management and advanced development tool, making it easier to develop and implement IoT solutions.

IoT solutions

If your IoT needs are business-specific we can design, build and implement an IoT solution for you.


We can help you to protect the transmission of data with a virtual private network.

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IoT management

Support to help you manage your IoT solution, generate revenue and better understand insights into remote devices and company assets.