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Take your content global

Reach audiences in Asia and around the world with Telstra. Our broadcast services are delivered over a robust global media network, supported by international field services and special events teams, and our worldwide broadcast operations centres.

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Global connectivity. Worldwide Broadcast Expertise

Telstra Broadcast Services provides innovative, specialised services for international broadcasters, rights-holders, content creators and sporting bodies. Deliver content faster and easily managed and monetised.

We’ve brought together innovative media solutions and one of the world’s most powerful networks, connecting you to the latest media technology without needing to own it yourself. Whatever your specific needs, our expert team can help you.

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Delivery in Asia

Telstra Broadcast Services can fast track your content to Asia, the largest and fastest growing market for media.

From owning a network that delivers 30% of Asia’s internet traffic, to being the first international company to provide connectivity in mainland China. Telstra has decades of experience helping customers thrive in Asia.

Live Sports Contribution & Distribution

Telstra Broadcast Services have contributed millions of hours of live sports to audiences in Australia and around the world.

With the winning blend of global media networks, broadcast operations and field operations, our expert team helps ensure your specific needs are met so fans enjoy all of the action.


Miniature Live Cameras

Create new fan engagement and live action experiences with breathtaking footage captured using miniature wearable cameras from Globecam.

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Chief Entertainment

Whether its studio TV, outside broadcast, live streaming, digital media production, location filming, motion graphics & visual effects our experienced team bringing together to complete the most demanding projects.

Chief Entertainment website

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Studio T

Fully-outfitted and flexible broadcast studio in Sydney’s CBD giving you the ability to provide professional media services on site.

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Studio T Specifications


Global Media Network

Open new markets with a proven global network. Through our purpose-built digital media networks and global partnerships, we can supply content in broadcast quality to almost any location.

Global Media Network brochure

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Digital Video Network

Digital Video Network provides a host of innovations for more flexible and reliable movement of media content. Connected to the Global Media Network, Australian content can reach global markets.

Digital Video Network brochure

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Content Delivery Network

Secure, faster experiences to more devices and places with unmatched reliability and visibility, delivered and supported locally by Telstra and optimised over our networks.

Content Delivery webpage

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Media Satellite Services

Reach into Asia Pacific by leveraging our network and partnerships with Telstra’s satellite services, reaching two thirds of the Earth’s surface.

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Broadcast Operations

As the chosen partner of the world’s leading broadcasters, Telstra Broadcast Operations delivers millions of hours of content a year to viewers all over the world. Our Master Control Room elevates broadcast and live streaming to a securely managed end-to-end service. Combining traditional technology with the latest in IP systems, we deliver your content seamlessly with 24/7 monitoring and management keeping everything on track.

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Video Monetisation Solution

Video Monetisation Solution powered by Ooyala is a managed, cloud-based online video platform that enables you to securely upload and deliver high quality video quality with studio-grade protection, rights-management and flexible monetisation models. Deliver monetised and personalised video experiences to customer devices – almost any time, anywhere your customers have connectivity.

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Why Telstra
In today’s fast changing broadcast environment, you want a partner with both the services expertise and infrastructure to help you optimise operations and reach global audiences. You can depend on us for our:


Worldwide broadcast expertise
We have extensive knowledge and experience across all aspects of professional media through our dedicated team of media experts at Telstra Broadcast Services. That’s why many top broadcasters and content creators rely on us for specialised services.


Strategic global presence
We have an established presence in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe with fully integrated satellite and fibre networks supported by global field services and special events teams.


Ongoing innovation and investment
We are continuously investing in our networks, platforms and people, and partnering with our customers to create new and innovative broadcast solutions. This enables professional media organisations and content creators to innovate and grow their business globally along with Telstra.


Single point of contact
Simplify bookings, delivery and billing, and reduce administration all through Telstra


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