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Meeting experiences

When the cloud’s your meeting room.

In-person interactions have never been easier. With virtual meetings, your team can build the brilliant relationships that make big things happen.

Stop emailing and start a conversation

With virtual meetings, there's no such thing as too far away or out of the office. Meeting face to face on any compatible device, your team can get work sorted faster - plus share slideshows, annotate documents and sketch in real time.

We can help you create and manage the meeting experiences your team wants: immersive meetings, webinars, online training, one-to-one or one-to-many discussions. We do this by layering apps and in-room solutions on top of your enterprise calling and collaboration capabilities.

Getting started

Start creating immersive meeting experiences that your team wants.

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Our solutions

Cisco Webex Teams

Work in virtual space, in real time, using a single app.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Providing one core meeting experience, simple and fast however you work, wherever you work.

Managed video conferencing

Simplify your video conferencing by letting us tailor a solution to your needs and manage it for you.

Cloud video conferencing

Connect your people and enable flexible working using secure and reliable video meetings in the cloud.


Build a face-to-face culture with HD video meetings in the cloud anywhere you have adequate internet connectivity.

Virtual Meeting Room

Host multi-party video meetings and take them on the road with one dial-in number on any compatible device.

Surface Hub

Let ideas flow with Microsoft's interactive device - we’ll get you started with installation, AVI integration, apps and training.

Audio & Web Conferencing

Help bridge the gap between you and your business partners, colleagues and clients.


Making it happen

It's personal

At Telstra, we asked our people to take control of their day and encouraged them to meet face to face. Now they’re meeting in the office and remotely – at desks, collaboration areas and in meeting rooms, on desktops, mobile devices and the big screen. And together, they're achieving even more.

Better decisions face to face

Telstra and Cisco worked together to enable virtual meetings for the Australian Government, saving up to $70,000 per meeting using TelePresence.


Learn more about collaboration

2018: The year of employee engagement

Workers spend most of their time on calls, emails and meetings – do they have the right tools?

Creating a culture of change

Experts say it takes a change platform rather than a change program to transform an organisation.

Working, fast and slow

We took insights from Kahneman and Tversky’s bestselling 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' and applied them to the workplace. The upshot? Collaboration tools are central to helping teams be more effective.


Other collaboration experiences


Modern collaboration

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