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Improve your mobile capacity

Unlock the potential of your remote workforce and improve collaboration with our mobile apps and solutions.

Enhance communication, boost productivity

Our mobile apps and services will help you to bridge the gap between offices and workers on the go.

Our tools will help you to communicate, coordinate and optimise how you interact with your sales and service teams, so your organisation can be more efficient.


Enterprise Mobility Managed Service

A solution that evolves with your needs, drives efficiencies across your mobile ecosystem and frees you up to focus on innovation.


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Case study: Queensland Police - managed mobility solution

Future Policing is all about agility and flexibility. Understand how Queensland Police have had significant productivity savings through the use of their mobile apps with Telstra.

More ways to manage your mobility services

BYOD Consulting

Taking a holistic view, we assess not just devices and plans, but all the factors that enable enterprise mobility.


Mobility Fleet Care Plus

Simplify the management of your mobile devices, ordering processes and inventory management.


Device Leasing Option

Leasing can give you greater flexibility in managing your cash flow and conserving working capital for other revenue generating activities, while the device generates value for your business. 



App Design

Together with our best-of-breed partners, we’ll work with you to understand your challenges to develop and deploy an app that helps to deliver a brilliant experience across distance and device.


StayConnected Advanced

The ultimate device backup plan for your business, allowing you to swap or replace your device, access your backed up data and solve device questions. 

Device Management

From enrolment, to management and security – we deliver solutions that help you get more from your mobile devices